At The Center of Santa Monica Tech

MomentFeed is located in Los Angeles – actually, downtown Santa Monica, California. Our corporate headquarters is a block away from the Pacific Ocean and the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, always keeping us inspired.

Here is a view from the beach - it's really only a block away.

At the center of “Silicon Beach,” we’re in good company.  Other great tech companies like Snapchat, Google, YouTube and Facebook… are all here, to attract great employees from around the world. Thanks to its booming tech, ties to entertainment, and “beaching” tourism economy, we like to think Silicon Beach is what Silicon Valley aspires to become.

In fact, Silicon Beach is home to more than 500 new technology and software companies, and is one of the three largest tech hubs in the world. With one of the most accessible airports in the United States, we’re only a short flight away from our clients all across North America.

LAX is only 30 minutes from the office - but it's always wise to check the traffic.

A Rising Star in the Community

We have been recognized as a rising star in the Los Angeles area, even being named one of the Best Places to Work by the LA Business Journal. Understandably, we’re pretty excited about this – especially with the neighbors we keep.


Let us know if you’re in town and want to stop by for a visit!