Social Media Management for Multi-Location Businesses

Listen and Engage At Every Location

For multi-location brands, 85% of consumer engagement now takes place on the pages that represent business locations – not brand pages – on every social media network.

Most companies’ social media resources are devoted to brand pages, leaving a massive gap in customer engagement potential. But how can you effectively manage to add thousands of local pages with the same staff? And, how can you continue to maintain brand guidelines while speaking with a locally authentic voice?


MomentFeed gives you the social media management platform to communicate with all of your customers, at scale. At both the brand and local level, across social media networks. All the time.

Community-Centric Neighborhood Marketing

With 85% of your customer interactions now happening on pages other than your website and national (brand) pages on Google, Facebook, Apple or Yelp, you need to make sure you’re building a community-centric social media presence. One that empowers you to more easily engage with consumers once they find you – no matter where that is.

The majority of customer interactions with your brand now happen on the pages that represent your individual locations

This increase in engagement boosts brand loyalty, helps you stand out from competitors and broadens your reach as you gain social referrals and recommendations within communities. But you must be equipped to take advantage of those opportunities.


With MomentFeed you can go from managing just a few brand pages to handling thousands (or tens of thousands) of location pages without blinking an eye. We’ll help you scale your social media management and take advantage of the boost local pages offer without increasing your team.


And if you want to post events to your local Facebook and Google My Business pages, we can help with that too. Brands can use MomentFeed to create and manage hundreds or even thousands of local events at scale quickly, easily and in one place – extending the value of your local pages.

We’ll help you scale your social media influence by leveraging your local pages — boosting your engagement without increasing the size of your team.

Today’s Brands Are Locally Accessible

Mobile is all about immediacy and relevancy, and to drive sales through mobile, everything has to tie back to your individual locations.

This can be especially challenging for multi-location businesses – but MomentFeed can help you shine.

With MomentFeed’s Social Media Manager you can turn your national social media strategy into a scalable solution for each of your locations. Provide consumers with the most relevant and useful information, and turn them into customers at the location nearest to them.

Across the country or the globe, you can manage all your digital storefronts at once with the PSO Platform.
Momentfeed’s social media features play a big part in our digital and social strategy. It has made the task of managing nearly 300 restaurants’ online reputations much more manageable and far less daunting. MomentFeed makes it easy to execute, monitor and analyze.
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