Mobile Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses

Win on Mobile:
Convert Online Customers Into Offline Sales

A Mobile consumer is conducting a local search and currently selecting a listing from Google's 3-pack.

Mobile marketing for multi-location businesses can’t be just a small part of your digital strategy. It needs to be the strategy.


Whether its finding their nearest location in mobile search or seeing an an offer shared by their friend, mobile influences 56% of all offline transactions.


MomentFeed enables each of your locations to engage directly with their surrounding community, as if the store manager was personally welcoming new customers at the front door.

Win on Mobile with MomentFeed.

Using MomentFeed is like having an army of online marketers - one at every location - all working in unison to drive mobile consumers into our stores.
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Be There – In Those Fleeting Moments of Decision

Consumers rely on search engines like Google, voice assistants like Siri, and networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Yelp – all to deliver results that fulfill their “I want to” or “I need to” moments. As 85% of customer interactions with your brand take place on pages other than your website, being there during a consumer’s moments of decision can influence them to choose you – or choose  your competitor.

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The MomentFeed MCX Platform empowers you to be there to capitalize on all the opportunities to influence your customers in their moments of decision. Specifically designed to be the answer to mobile marketing for multi-location businesses, MomentFeed helps you…

MomentFeed makes accurate location information easy.

Maintain all your digital storefronts – from 10 to 10,000 – with accurate and up-to-date location information.

MomentFeed's solutions increase SEO and sales for each location.

Make it easy for customers to find your locations and get each location in the top three mobile search results.

MomentFeed makes authentic social media connections possible for large brands on the local level.

Connect with customers and build genuine relationships around neighborhood locations through social media.

The MCX platform turns national ad buys into scalable local campaigns.

Get higher engagement and better CTR by turning national ad buys into local campaigns.

Build a loyal community of customers with Reputation Management.

Build a loyal community of customers with proactive reputation management and review responses.

Optimize your Digital Storefronts

The best way to ensure customers find your stores is to engage them through the digital storefront of your nearest location. While this starts with accurate, up-to-date information for each location, it’s really much more than that. It’s about each digital storefront reflecting the community it represents. This means replying to reviews in real-time, speaking with the voice of the neighborhood, and including local content and images. This level of relevance can be near impossible without mobile marketing designed specifically for multi-location businesses – which is where MomentFeed excels.

MomentFeed makes authentic Social Media connections easy through the mobile app.
The MomentFeed Customer Experience platform puts robust Reputation Management in your pocket.
MomentFeed's platform has made the task of managing nearly 300 restaurants' online reputations much more manageable and far less daunting. Multi-unit brands can undoubtedly utilize the program to sustain momentum and build a long-term strategy that is easy to execute, monitor and analyze.

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