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Leverage Your Competitive Advantage On Mobile

Franchises have an extra advantage on mobile. Independent operators give life to your brand in communities around the country. Customers expect the same attention to detail on mobile – and when you empower your operators to engage, sales go up.

By being part of a larger network, you can increase the visibility of every restaurant or store by collaborating as a team. Just like you have a physical network of locations, you can use that to build an online network that will make it easier for customers to find you on mobile – increasing store traffic and driving sales.


MomentFeed was designed from the ground up to enable distributed engagement, not central marketing or advertising. With your mobile storefronts representing the uniqueness of each neighborhood, customers will respond with enthusiasm and operators will feel like they have more control.

Mobile Marketing For Franchises

Mobile is about providing customers the most relevant, useful data right when they’re looking for it. If you can be there in those “I want to buy” or “I need it” moments, you’re well positioned to win the sale. In fact, 78% of mobile searches on Google and Bing result in a purchase.

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MomentFeed allows franchisees to optimize digital storefronts with help and oversight from corporate.

Delivering the right information to consumers via mobile can be a challenge for multi-location and franchise brands because it requires you to optimize the digital storefront for each of your locations. But when you do it right there are big payoffs with more visitors to your locations and higher sales in your stores or restaurants.

With workflow, approval, shared media and ads, and the ability to distribute engagement from central marketing teams to field marketing and franchise owners, every manager can contribute and make an impact – but the central team has complete control to manage risk and report on who’s doing a good job and who’s not.

Permissions and profiles within MomentFeed make workflows and approvals a breeze.

MomentFeed empowers franchise organizations to publish, advertise and respond to consumers when and where it matters most on mobile.

While MomentFeed has gone above and beyond to educate us and ensure that we're utilizing their platform to its full potential, they also understand how important the human and behavioral component is in getting our more than 2,500 Anytime Fitness club owners to be successful.

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