Mobile Advertising That Increases Engagement and Attribution

Turning National Ad Buys Into Local Campaigns

Mobile advertising is all about reaching the right people with the right message at the right time – and at the right location. With 61% of smartphone users saying they’re more likely to buy from companies that customize information to their location, it’s clear that consumers want information more relevant to them.

Neighborhood Mobile Ad Engagement is shown to have 200% higher click-through-rates compared to similar ads deployed on a national level.

The results prove it: personalized ads automatically localized and targeted at neighborhoods around your locations get up to 2x the engagement and 200% higher CTR than generic mobile campaigns.

So how do you get these results?

Mobile advertising is harder for multi-location brands, as each location should be advertising itself. MomentFeed gives you the tools to scale national campaigns into higher-performing local campaigns. Running a neighborhood mobile ad campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is now as simple as running an impersonal national campaign.

Social Advertising Is The Best Mobile Advertising

Mobile users check Google, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat dozens of times a day. These services are at the center of the decision making process for consumers.

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Native interfaces only provide a network-specific view of the customer, which doesn’t align with how customers engage on these networks.


With MomentFeed, multi-location brands can build a more accurate picture of their customers across these networks – leading to insight, ROI and advertising attribution.

MomentFeed. Finally a system designed to give multi-location brands the advertising and reporting platform to make their stores the first point of consumer communication.

Make It Personal

To make mobile ad campaigns deliver more value we know personalized and localized ads drive big results.


By targeting groups in neighborhoods – advertising only to people who live, work, or travel near one of your locations – with dynamically created ads that include local information (store name, address, hours, etc.), you provide a more immediate, relevant and useful result for consumers. And, the better the experience, the more likely they’ll turn into paying customers.


By creating custom groups you can promote products, menus, events, and neighborhood-centric content. MomentFeed empowers you to run multi-market campaigns at scale. Run thousands of local campaigns simultaneously, with the same effort as a national campaign, and see dramatically increased returns.

Tie Mobile Advertising to In-Store Sales

If you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen, right? We’ve got you covered.

We’re always looking for data to inform our marketing and operations. MomentFeed’s People Nearby vs. Paid Impressions dashboard is our new go-to for conversion tracking as we haven’t seen this overlay of paid impressions to store traffic anywhere else. Another ROI capability we’ve been wishing for and now can see through MomentFeed is the relationship between campaign spend and regional sales. We can segment our stores by regions and groups to see what’s working, and expand major markets or campaigns based on direct offline attribution. These new capabilities are key to our 2017 strategy.

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MomentFeed’s goal is to help your mobile advertising efforts be as successful as possible. We’ve built our entire mobile marketing for multi-location businesses solution to help you better connect with customers on mobile and drive more sales in each of your locations.

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