Review Management To Drive Sales To All Your Locations

Influence Customers In Their Moments of Decision

Mobile technology has created a digital democracy – the voice of the people is being heard, and your customers are listening to what others say when they’re making decisions on what to buy, where to shop and what to eat.

Fifty-percent of offline purchase decisions are now influenced by mobile

50% of offline purchase decisions

are now influenced by mobile

You can influence that conversation – and boost sales – with good review management. By managing the reviews on the local pages for each of your locations with MomentFeed you can gain new customers, identify operational changes and improvements, showcase and prove your value and quality, and drive both online and offline purchases. Find out how.

MomentFeed can help you overcome all the challenges unique to review management for multi-location businesses, without requiring you to add more resources to your team.

Manage All Your Reviews, Across Every Digital Storefront

There’s no question that online reviews are critical to consumer decisions.

  • 92%of consumers read online reviews about local businesses
  • 62%of those consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to trust (and buy from) those businesses
  • 88%of consumers consider reviews to be an important factor in deciding where to eat and shop

But with multiple locations, review management gets complicated and can be very challenging – fast. You have to account for and manage the reviews, ratings, and recommendations for each location and across a variety of social networks, making a review management strategy a must-have.

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MomentFeed helps you protect your digital reputation with review management that empowers you to monitor and respond to every comment – for each of your locations, across every network – without adding additional staff. This empowers you to attract new customers and drive sales in your stores, showrooms, branches and restaurants and gives new future customers another reason to choose your brand in their moments of mobile decision.

A Multi-Location Approach to Review Management

Multi-location brands face a number of unique questions when it comes to review management:

Should I manage my reviews centrally or for each location?

How do I personalize my reviews for each location with my current resources?

How do I ensure reviews are being responded to in a way that's consistent with my brand guidelines?

Reviews in Reputation Manager
Review Comments in Reputation Manager
Reply in Reputation Manager

MomentFeed’s Reputation Manager is designed specifically for multi-location businesses to help address all those unique concerns by empowering you to respond to individual reviews for every single store, on every network, or to multiple reviews at once – ultimately putting your reputation in your control. Find out how.

Yelp reviews and accurate store listings have tremendous influence on consumers when they're making dining decisions. This partnership provides the transparency and scalability we need to maintain a unified brand experience for our mobile customers and enable restaurants to engage directly with guests.

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