Location Data Management: Accuracy Drives Mobile Visibility and More Sales

Turning Location Data Into Digital Storefronts

Location data management is more than just making sure the address, phone number and business name for each of your stores, shops or restaurants are correct online.

True location data management ensures all your business information is:

Get Precision Accuracy with MomentFeed's Location Data Management module


Digital listings are continuously managed and verified


Complete and accurate listings are then published across the mobile networks like; Apple, Google, Facebook, Bing and more.


complete and accurate listings example

Accurate info about each business – store hours, photos, menus, schedules and specials – keeps your customers happy.


It also helps you find new customers – enabling them to call the store, make reservations, order ahead, click through to buy on your website or click for directions to make an in-store purchase.

Achieving 100% location data accuracy is challenging for two reasons.

First, this information changes frequently as business hours change for holidays and stores open and close.

Second, and even more challenging, consumers and websites change this information for you -- without your knowledge! Social media is a two-way conversation, and your 'official data' can be clouded, obscured or overwritten without permission on networks like Google and Facebook.

Across the country or the globe, you can manage all your digital storefronts at once with the PSO Platform.
An image that demonstrates the major areas of focus that MomentFeeds Proximity Search Optimization allows customers to manage, which also includes on-page SEO optimization best practices

And that’s why MomentFeed has a complete software and services solution to handle this challenge for you – Digital Presence Services and Visibility Manager.

When combined, we deliver the accuracy your customers deserve, and you’ll experience a boost in search engine rankings – on average of 86% within 9 months.

Turning Each Location into an Online Asset

Your location data creates a foundation for all your mobile marketing efforts, and with 78% of mobile searches on Google and Bing resulting in a purchase, not providing the correct information to consumers when they’re looking for it is simply turning away business.

Location info that is incomplete or inaccurate crushes your chances of appearing in the top three search results and leaves consumers frustrated. Location verification can make a big difference to your search rankings and, ultimately, the quantity of customers’ in-person visits.

Protect your Digital Storefronts with Location Management and Verification
Fix location data problems at the source. Validating, geo-coding and duplicate elimination are all part of the solution.

MomentFeed is different because it’s not just software – our services team helps you fix problems that keep your stores from appearing in the top 3 search results.  We eliminate duplicate listings, validate locations, and geo-code latitude and longitude. Other companies lack the sophisticated tools, expertise, and bandwidth required to handle the complexity of large multi-location brands.

Your business needs a solution like MomentFeed that will keep your locations’ online info up-to-date across social networks, directories, review websites, mapping and navigation services, and syndication networks so your stores or restaurants will come up first – every time – when consumers are looking for you.

Location Data Advantages for Multi-Location Businesses

Whether you have 30 or 30,000 locations, managing all your digital storefronts across 12+ networks is impossible.

Location Data Automation is a necessary component in sound mobile strategies.

You must automate your location data management to have any chance of staying on top of it all. While managing location data can be a challenge, it can also be a huge competitive advantage and drive more business than ever.


Just as you’ve created a physical network of stores, branches, showrooms or restaurants – which wins you a distinct advantage against one-off locations – that network can translate to the online world as well. By building an interconnected, online network of locations you gain increased visibility across search engines and it’s easier for your customers to find you when they’re looking to purchase.


MomentFeed can help you manage your location data centrally, publish changes out through all the networks, increase your mobile visibility and traffic to your locations, and continually keep your information up-to-date. Find out more.

We have this really wide-ranging map of locations and each area has its own unique feel and personality… MomentFeed helped us structure our digital presence in a way that would be most efficient while maintaining our corporate identity.


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