Each location a consumer buys or consumes your products is unique. Information including address, phone number, hours of operation, inventory, neighborhood demographics, and consumer generated content like photos, posts, and tweets not only define that location but also the community that surrounds it. We refer to this as a brand’s Digital Identity. This information is what a brand needs to engage with consumers in a locally relevant and authentic way. The MomentFeed platform leverages these unique characteristics enabling localized marketing at scale.

This is an infographic of the localized marketing ecosystem. This includes local pages, data, audience, content, context and meta data.

Paid Media

MomentFeed allows brands to turn one national campaign into thousands of unique, personal and targeted campaigns for each location, with just a few clicks. Thus, creating relevant content, customized by location, at a national or even global scale.


  • One-click creation of hundreds or thousands of localized mobile ads
  • Dynamic targeting to the relevant audience around each location
  • Easy to customize posts with local content relevant to the targeted community


Case Study: Old Spaghetti Factory

Paid media is part of the MomentFeed platform.

Search and Discovery

Localized marketing is all about search and discovery. The MomentFeed local Search and Discovery solution optimizes and synchronizes digital location data and content across all channels, forging the critical linkages that drive local search across mobile devices. If you’re a brand with physical locations, each location should be optimized individually to fully take advantage of local search dynamics.


  • Higher rankings in local organic search results
  • Increased visibility of local listings across platforms
  • Gives national brand locations the ranking prominence comparable to a local store


OnDemand Webinar: Optimizing for Success on Google My Business


Social Media

Social Media has become a pivotal tool for brands to connect and engage with consumers. MomentFeed’s Social Media Management solution gives brands the means to monitor, create and maintain a genuine relationship at the local level.


  • Boost engagement and sentiment with local communities
  • Respond immediately and appropriately to customers
  • Curate and amplify your best earned media across channels
  • Maximize the authenticity and relevance of owned and paid media

Customer Experience

With a growing majority of consumer experiences being shared in the digital world, the ability to respond to these experiences, whether positive or negative, has a tremendous impact on success. In fact, 90% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions. MomentFeed allows you to capture this activity and respond personally at scale, through a single comprehensive platform:


  • Aggregate ratings and reviews from Facebook, Foursquare, Google and Yelp
  • Sort by star ratings, sentiment, locations and groupings
  • Respond individually or to multiple reviews at once

Our Platform

MomentFeed is a digital marketing platform that enables brands to connect with consumers as if they were a local store. By capturing and synchronizing individual location data with local social networks; the platform enables locally relevant consumer engagement, delivers localized advertising and provides tools to measure marketing activities relative to business results.


MomentFeed delivers a comprehensive digital marketing solution through four primary
solutions: Search and Discovery, Social Media , Paid Media and Customer Experience.