Start Strong With Accurate Location Information

Hit the Ground Running To Boost search visibility faster

You know that mobile SEO can drive more business directly to your stores, showrooms, branches or restaurants, and you’re ready to take organic search to the next level.


But your mobile presence is only as valuable as the individual digital storefronts you present to your customers.


If basic information doesn’t match across websites for each one of your locations, then that flawed information will spread and you won’t be able to attract as many (or any!) new customers from mobile.


Or – it could be worse – you could be sending consumers to the wrong address or to your stores at the wrong time of day.


Correcting, verifying and augmenting this data so consumers choose your brand when making purchase decisions will make a massive difference in comparative sales revenue.

Location Data Alignment & Cleanup For Immediate Results

Just gathering information about each of your locations can be a huge challenge. You’ll likely need to collect it from various spreadsheets and databases, and speak to a variety of different departments. We’ve found that this data is rarely consistent, accurate or well-maintained – even if you’re currently using a data location management service.


In fact, 98% of the multi-location brands we work with don’t start with accurate data.

That’s where we jump in with a multi-step location data cleansing process.  We help aggregate information into a single format, validate addresses against the USPS database, hand-map geo-coordinates and determine precise lattitude and longitude, and append or update more than 75 different location attributes we help you define.


MomentFeed’s Location Data Cleansing Services can help you get your location data formatted consistently, and stored in a business data system of record – the PSO Platform.

Make a Great First (Mobile) Impression

At MomentFeed, your success is our mission. We want you to get off to a strong start. After onboarding hundreds of successful clients and managing 100,000+ client locations, we’ve learned a thing or two.

New MomentFeed clients see an average increase in search visibility of 86% within 9 months.

We have the people, partnerships, process and advanced systems to make you successful – and we will help you hit the ground running. Location Data Cleanup is an essential part of our three-phase on-boarding service.

Gather and consolidate information about the locations you know about.

Clean addresses against the USPS database for 100% deliverability.

Geo-code every location to within 10 feet, ensuring customers can walk right into your front door – whether it’s in its own building, a mall, or just a kiosk or ATM. We call this special process PinSync™.

Claim and verify all your pages – without having Google send a postcard to each one.

Create master pages for any locations that need them.

Designate master pages and select duplicates for all locations across multiple networks.

Request ownership for any verified, but unclaimed, listings.

Merge duplicate pages, eliminating pages with inaccurate locations but keeping the fans associated with each page.

Push clean data to networks and syndication partners through Visibility Manager.

Clients alway tell us that our cleanup process is by far the best in the industry – it gives their locations immediate visibility on mobile.



We start with strategic planning, setting goals specific to your business and collecting location information.



Here’s where the heavy lifting happens – we’ll cleanup your mobile presence and geocode locations with our unique method that ensures unparalleled accuracy and corrected 41M feet of client location coordinates in just 2016.



Once location data cleanup is completed, it’s go time. You’ll receive ongoing cleanup and regular reporting configured specifically for your activity and results.

Location Data Cleanup Services are an addition to MomentFeed’s PSO Platform. Location Data Cleanup Services ensure the successful onboarding of MomentFeed clients and set the stage for other platform modules: Visibility Manager, Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, and Reputation Manager.
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