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Digital Presence Services Boost Mobile Visibility

Improving local SEO with location data management is a complex science, and the location data you publish changes – a lot. Whether you’re updating a menu, or networks and consumers are adding information for you (without your approval!), someone on your team needs to be continually monitoring and correcting your information – or it will conflict from site to site.


MomentFeed’s comprehensive, turn-key Digital Presence Services can help you easily manage this never-ending swirl of information – giving you expertise that’s hard to find, and freeing up your team to focus on other programs.

Put Your Best Foot Forward – At Every Moment

Put Your Best Foot Forward – At Every Moment

Your brand’s mobile presence depends on accurate information on every app, website and directory consumers might use to find one of your business locations. If this information is accurate and compelling on mobile, you can influence customers at the exact moment they’re making purchase decisions. That influence drives sales in your physical stores.

If you’re managing dozens or hundreds of locations, you know that keeping this information updated and accurate without a dedicated team is nearly impossible. For instance, networks can change information on your pages for you – without your knowledge. And consumers can “check-in” to locations that don’t exist or are down the street from your real store, causing consumer confusion and closing the signals that search engines use to rank their recommendations.

With MomentFeed’s continuous Digital Presence Services, you can rest assured that your data is correct at all times

Keeping business information current requires local SEO expertise, a sophisticated location data store, and direct connectivity to websites and social networks. With MomentFeed’s continuous Digital Presence Services, you can rest assured that your data is correct at all times.

Digital Presence Management For A Changing Landscape

MomentFeed’s team of experts can help ensure your digital storefronts always provide the most accurate information and shine through the clutter of other listings. Maintaining location data isn’t a one-time fix – it’s critical to continually clean and review the data in this rapidly changing environment.

The MomentFeed Digital Presence Services team has seen it all, and they can help you maintain the accuracy you need to drive sales.

Send us your data anyway you’d like.

Maintain accurate data across 250+ websites.

Eliminate duplicate listings by merging them with your verified listing or page – without losing likes or follows.

Proactively monitor and audit your digital presence across all the major networks.

Flag and fix discrepancies immediately.

Make all requested data updates – as many as required – usually within 24 hours.

Find duplicate pages or listings with proprietary algorithms.

Verify and eliminate duplicates, updating correcting information cross network

With MomentFeed’s Digital Presence Services team you can do all of this – for every location – without adding staff. We have the perspective, systems and people to guide you through the changing landscape of location data management.

Digital Presence Services are an addition to MomentFeed’s PSO Platform. Digital Presence Services cleanup and ensure location information accuracy on an ongoing basis, working in conjunction with other platform modules: Visibility Manager, Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, and Reputation Manager.
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