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Comprehensive Digital Location Data Management

One in four online searches is performed on a mobile device. With mobile search outgrowing all other forms of search, it’s safe to say that the top three search results are more important than ever. If customers can’t find you in the digital world, how can they spend with you in the physical world? MomentFeed’s Search and Discovery solution provides comprehensive digital location data management and allows brands to execute on the accuracy, consistency and recency of all their digital information.


Optimizing for

Search and Discovery

in the Mobile Era

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Search and Discovery Optimization

As a national brand, the Google algorithm inherently places national brands at a lower search ranking compared to local mom and pop stores. How do you compete with local businesses in your category?


Local links mean connecting your store finder and local landing pages to all of the various versions on the web, such that Google sees these as a single, standalone business. Through Social Media Management, MomentFeed is able to help you do this in a manageable and scalable way, including the creation of local content and local landing pages.

MomentFeed helps optimize local search through local links, local content and local engagement.

Data Ecosystem

A data ecosystem has formed in the last few years. For brands with physical locations, it’s vital that the location data is accurately represented throughout this ecosystem. Through Search and Discovery, MomentFeed helps manage and maintain the linkages in this ecosystem, to ensure accurate information is represented across all digital channels.

The logos for infogroup, factual, Acxiom and Localeze.
This graphic is of the search ecosystem. It shows how social media, local landing pages, search engines and more factor into your search presence.

MomentFeed Connects the Dots

MomentFeed forms all the critical local SEO linkages for you automatically, forming and maintaining the ecosystem that boosts your local search and gives credibility to your locations on all platforms.

The Complete Search and Discovery

Optimization Solution

These graphics show how your buildings location can be found online.
  • Complete and accurate local listings
  • Data optimization for search and social
  • Cross-channel link building
  • Store locator and landing page
  • Page de-duplication
  • Claiming of local landing pages
  • Social publishing that drives local SEO
  • Fresh, authentic local content
  • Automated localization of creative
  • Publish to owned and unowned channels
  • Improve customer experience
  • Maximize local audience reach
The MomentFeed Search and Discovery system includes social media, store location, landing pages and reporting.

3 Guiding Principles of Local SEO


Comprehensive Listing + Data Management.


Local Content Publication + Customer Interaction.


Information Deployment + Duplicate Page Management.

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