Turn Social into Sales

Build an Online Community that Drives In-Store Sales

Maintain and monitor relationships with a community of customers around every location with increased relevance and personalization. Manage your entire social presence – going from 12 brand pages to 12,000 local pages – without expanding your team.

Harness the Power of Your Community

The majority of customer interactions with your brand now happen on the pages that represent your individual stores, branches or restaurants – not your brand pages.


To turn “local” pages into in-store revenue, you must create scalable, authentic and personalized posts on every local page – across multiple social networks.


Word-of-mouth referrals are still the most valuable form of marketing, and social is a powerful megaphone that broadcasts your customers’ referrals to a wider audience. Social Media Manager will transform your national social campaigns into impactful neighborhood engagement.

The majority of customer interactions with your brand now happen on the pages that represent your individual locations

Engage Consumers through Facebook and Google Events

Local events can be a great way to attract customers to your local store or restaurant in their and keep loyal fans coming back for more. Since people often use Facebook and Google to learn about and register for events in their community, not posting events means brands are missing out on an effective marketing tool.


But for brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, creating and managing events for each local Facebook and Google My Business page becomes a daunting task. Events Manager enables multi-location brands to create and manage events and responses at scale on their local Facebook and Google My Business pages, saving considerable time and resources.

Social Media As You’ve Never Seen It

MomentFeed’s Social Media Manager helps you build a virtual army of social marketers so you can improve customer engagement, foster more loyalty, attract more new customers and drive more sales.

build neighborhood campaigns in just a couple clicks.

Build neighborhood campaigns

with authentic messaging, local events and improved customer loyalty.

Increase your marketing reach without adding headcount

Increase your reach

without increasing resources.

Turn your customers into marketers by leveraging user generated content

Turn your customers into marketers

by leveraging user-generated content.

Enable individual stores or locations to create and share brand approved marketing content

Empower locations

to create and share, with the approval and oversight of corporate branding.

Complete your social presence without needing to add resources.

Complete your social presence

at scale.

measure how social media impacts revenue

Turn online interactions into offline transactions and measure how social changes affect revenue

Centralized Control and Reporting

Social Media Manager provides centralized control and reporting, while making it easy to collaborate with field marketing and managers or franchise operators at every location. It empowers you to harness the advantages of community marketing and franchise independence while ensuring brand compliance.

Permissions and profiles within MomentFeed make workflows and approvals a breeze.
Boost social engagement with posts customized to each neighborhood

National ≠ Local

Scale local posts across all your stores and benefit from improved reach. After all, local pages on Google, Facebook and Yelp were made to be managed by store owners not brands. Learn more.

National Reach, Local Authenticity

Be more personal and authentic by sourcing and creating locally relevant content and curating and amplifying your best earned-media across channels, all with bulk activity and publishing.

Be more personal and authentic by sourcing and creating locally relevant content
Stop constant scrolling with relevant posts about your nearest location

Tailored, Relevant Posts

Get customers’ attention and stop their constant scrolling with relevant posts about their nearest location with dynamic fields that localize copy.

Virtual Marketing Team for Every Location

Expand your breadth of coverage without expanding the size of your team with a content library, mobile app, customizable alerts, and by empowering local managers. Learn more.

Measure the real business impact of social media

Measurable Sales Impact

Build a strong mobile strategy that enables locations to be found and customers to buy, and then map those efforts to foot traffic and sales to prove their value.

Social Media Manager is a modular addition to MomentFeed’s Proximity Search Optimization (PSO) Platform. When combined with other platform modules: Paid Media Manager, Reputation Manager, Visibility Manager and Location Finder, the PSO Platform becomes the system of record for location data information and mobile marketing.
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