Drive More In-Store Sales With Localized Marketing

How Consumers buy has Changed. Has your Approach Kept Up?

Proximity Search Optimization™

All-in-One Platform to Stay Locally Engaged and Top-of-Mind in All Channels

An image that demonstrates the major areas of focus that MomentFeeds Proximity Search Optimization allows customers to manage, which also includes on-page SEO optimization best practices
When and how you show up on local "near me" search and discovery is critically important for multi-location businesses today.
MomentFeed is uniquely designed to optimize every signal that impacts search ranking and visibility.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

85% of consumer interactions with your brand are now happening on your Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing and Yelp location-specific pages – NOT on your website. Are you providing the information customers need on these pages to drive business to your brick-and-mortar locations?


Multi-location brands are challenged with showing up during a consumer’s moment of decision and influencing them to choose you over your competitor.


The Proximity Search Optimization (PSO) Platform empowers you to be there to capitalize on all the opportunities to influence your customers in their moments of decision.

The majority of customer interactions with your brand now happen on the pages that represent your individual locations

Comprehensive Locally Optimized Marketing

The PSO Platform enables you to engage with consumers through all your local digital channels at once, giving you the power of an entire army of online marketers. No one makes it easier to manage location data, digital ads, reviews, local pages, and social media posts for thousands of business locations from one platform.

MomentFeed makes accurate location information easy.

Optimize top networks like Google, Facebook, and Yelp

MomentFeed's solutions increase SEO and sales for each location.

Align engagement around locations

Measurably drive local conversion

Momentfeeds PSO dashboard lets you measure and gain insight into performance

Gain performance insights

Increase your marketing reach without adding headcount

Expand reach and frequency

Boost your proximity search visibility

Manage the entire customer mobile experience – across every digital channel – in a single place.

Designed for multi-location brands from the ground up, the Proximity Search Optimization™ Platform delivers everything you need to drive more local business from accurate location data and localized digital ads, to review management, optimized local pages, and brand-approved social media posts – all working together.

An image depicting MomentFeeds Proximity Search Optimization (PSO) dashboard.

The Proximity Search Optimization Platform comes with a powerful dashboard that helps multi-location marketing leaders easily answer the question “How are we performing?”

The Proximity Search Optimization Dashboard tracks the five factors that have an impact on performance. They include:

An icon that implies being able to "target" specific business locations on a map

Local Listing Accuracy

Looks for information accuracy and consistency across all networks

An icon indicating accuracy of information across social networks

Local Profile Completeness

Ensures applicable data fields are filled out on each discovery network

An icon with a speech bubble, inside of which are 3 stars, meant to indicate ratings and reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Checks customer rating scores and review responsiveness

An icon with a speech bubble, in side of which is a megaphone

Local Facebook Publishing Activity

Analyzes frequency of posts on local social over the last 30 days, plus ideal keyword density

An icon that implies location data managed with Proximity Search Optimization is compliant with Google best practices for On-Page local SEO

On-Page Local SEO

Aligns with Google’s quality assessment

The new Proximity Search Optimization Dashboard from MomentFeed gives our team one place to log in and see in seconds how all of Texas Roadhouse’s nearly 600 stores are performing — across reviews, social media, and listings. Before we consolidated our local marketing efforts on MomentFeed, we’d lose so much time trying to find insights and metrics from multiple sources. Now we can see how we’re performing at-a-glance and dig in for more details.

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Mary Newell
Director of Digital and Brand Marketing
Texas Roadhouse
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