Drive In-Store Sales with Scalable Local Ads

Improve Results in Less Time

With Paid Media Manager, you can do more with less. Generate up to 2x the engagement and get 200% higher CTR with more relevant ads automatically personalized for every location.

  • 78% of customers want location-based ads
  • 75% of consumers are more likely to take an action after seeing a location-specific message
  • 70% of customers use mobile over desktop

Local Audiences, Local Relevance, and Local Insights – at Scale

Mobile is now used 70% more often than desktop, and mobile ad spend is now the majority of digital. Successfully reaching consumers on mobile is increasingly all about local context and relevance.  And, brands can now attribute mobile ads directly to in-store foot traffic and optimize mobile campaigns for store visits.

Today’s customers demand relevant, authentic information based on their location, and there’s data to back it up – ads in “neighborhood campaigns” with location-specific information such as address and store manager are 75% more likely to generate action from consumers.

78% of customers want ads to be customized based on their location – and 32% went on to visit a store. Paid Media Manager will enable you to make your ads more relevant by connecting customers with your nearest location – not your national headquarters.

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Paid media made easy

The “Easy Button” for Local Ads

MomentFeed makes it easy to run truly local paid social campaigns to hundreds or thousands of locations while maintaining brand consistency.

Reach Consumers Where It Counts

With MomentFeed’s Paid Media Manager you can combine the unprecedented relevance of neighborhood campaigns with the unparalleled reach of effective advertising on the top mobile networks your customers are spending most of their time: Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Paid Media Local Campaign Management

Run scalable campaigns that individually populate dynamic, relevant information for each location

Establish a local voice with Paid Media

Establish an authentic voice by delivering targeted messaging from the nearest store

Localized Paid Media campaigns across networks

Measure business outcomes such as online transactions, foot traffic, limited time offers or app downloads – down to the location level

Set budgets for paid media campaigns

Empower local teams and franchisees to run campaigns in minutes, using their own budgets

Track and measure with insights and reporting by location

Track and measure sales increases at each store, area, or region or grouping of your choice– and find out which networks are making the most impact

Paid Media Manager is designed to help brands and agencies run local ad campaigns at national scale, enabling you to deeply engage with a wider audience. Empower field teams, local users or franchisees to run their own personalized ads, with corporate oversight.
Measure campaign metrics, capture unique local insights and attribute digital spend directly to sales at every location.

Mobile Ad Networks

Manage and measure campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google (ask about availability) through one centralized solution.

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Paid Media Fb Ad on Mobile

Scalable Neighborhood Campaigns

Increase authenticity and relevance by running ads from each Facebook Local page, and personalize ads with dynamic fields including: local landing pages, address, city, specific regional promotions, and more.

Location-Centric Insights & Reporting

Easily monitor campaigns and report across all locations, single location, area or grouping of your choice. Unique dashboard views for local operators and power users, ensuring all user types only see relevant, helpful information. Learn more.

Turn Local Operators into Digital Marketers

Empower local operators, franchisees or store managers to choose from pre-approved campaign templates while maintaining corporate standards and oversight.

Paid Media Campaign Builder
Paid Media Dashboard with Analytics

Measure & Replicate Your Success

Easily identify and prove ad effectiveness of campaigns on in-store sales and re-launch across locations.

Paid Media Manager is a modular addition to MomentFeed’s PSO Platform. Paid Media Manager leverages the accurate location data stored in the platform to ensure the ads served to reflect the attributes of the nearest location, all the time. Paid Media Manager works in conjunction with other PSO platform modules: Social Media Manager, Location Finder, Reputation Manager, and Visibility Manager.
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