Attract More Customers and Dominate Search Results

Increase Store Visits With Location Finder

Make it easy for consumers to find you, whether you have 50 locations or 5,000. Guide consumers to your locations through organic search results or your brand website and provide an authoritative signal for search engines to boost every business location in mobile search results.

Widen Your Appeal, Increase Your Search Rank

Widen Your Appeal, Increase Your Search Rank

As a location-based brand, your number one concern is getting consumers in the door. If they can’t find your locations, they can’t turn into customers. One of the best ways to get new customers into your stores, restaurants or branches is to include a store locator and unique landing page for each location on your brand website. With the right data and a little SEO magic, these pages will enable new customers to quickly find and learn more about your location nearest to them.


MomentFeed clients report increases in foot traffic after establishing a store locator and local landing pages optimized for SEO, making this a must-have strategy for any location-based brand. The challenge is managing these pages in a way that provides the most relevant, up-to-date and authentic information. MomentFeed Location Finder offers a Store Locator, Location Directory and two options for managing local landing pages – Templates and Widgets – depending on your brand’s needs, expertise and resources.

Be Found And Provide The Info Consumers Need

Location Finder ensures your brand website has the current information consumers are looking for. It enables you to harness the power of search engines by providing always accurate, authoritative information to boost SEO for every location.

Location Finder ensures your brand website has the current information customers are looking for.

Make sure location information is easily accessible, organized and always up-to-date.

Be recommended by voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cortana.

Enable consumers to find stores near them by sharing their mobile phone's location or searching by city, state or zip code.

Configure your store locator to display unique information and match your branding and website.

Establish strong search engine authority with official local landing pages.

Create homepages for each location and interlink pages, increasing page authority.

Boost your search engine rankings and drive more new customers to each store.

Location Finder helps you enable consumers to find your locations and business hours from your brand website. It drives reservations, online ordering, foot traffic and sales.

Search & Browse

Provide consumers a variety of ways to find your nearest location – city name, ZIP code, an interactive map or mobile location data that provides an immediate, relevant recommendation.

Provide customers a variety of ways to find your nearest location
Create unique landing pages for each of your locations

Integrated Content Manager

Create unique landing pages for each of your locations with a wide selection of details or widgets such as amenities, hours, social media links and feeds, Yelp reviews, and original and curated images.

Architected for SEO

Build landing pages with SEO best practices, metatag management, microdata, and internal and external linking schemes.

Local Landing Pages Purpose Built for Mobile Search
Integrate with Google Analytics and graph your impressions and conversion traffic

Insights & Reporting

Integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel for a complete view of search visibility and user behavior.

Location Finder is a modular addition to MomentFeed’s PSO Platform that leverages the location data stored and maintained in the PSO Platform to ensure each location landing page is always accurate. Location Finder strengthens your overall digital presence for increased discoverability across the web and directly drives new customers to your stores. It works in conjunction with other MomentFeed modules: Social Media, Paid Media, Reputation Manager, and Visibility Manager.
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