Drive More Sales with Increased Mobile Visibility

If They Can Find You, They Will Come

Manage your location data centrally, publish across the web, increase traffic to your location pages and, ultimately, drive more in-store sales – all from one platform.

Consumers turn to Ratings and Reviews before ultimately deciding - make sure you're seen favorably and earn that first visit.

Build Brand Trust, And Sales,
With Up-To-Date Mobile Pages

The struggle is real. 72% of consumers on mobile only select one of the top three search results on Google and Bing. Whether you’re a 50 or 5,000 location brand, getting recommended by search engines is critical. Keeping business information consistent and up-to-date is a basic SEO requirement to give you a chance to land in the top three results.


Customers engage with your digital storefronts on Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing and Yelp up to 10x more than your website. You MUST keep all these digital storefronts up-to-date if you want to build brand trust and drive store traffic and sales.

Build Brand Trust, And Sales, With Up-To-Date Mobile Pages

Manage All Your Digital Storefronts – In One Place

The seemingly simple task of updating business hours for a holiday could take an entire army of digital marketers. But it doesn’t have to. With Searchlight from MomentFeed you can keep all your pages updated, across all the mobile and social networks, all the time.

Manage All Your Digital Storefronts – In One Place

Maximize mobile visibility by ensuring customers’ searches direct them to your nearest location.

Ensure digital profiles’ accuracy to prove your authority and boost organic search rankings.

Eliminate rogue and duplicate pages that confuse customers and hurt search rankings.

Accelerate your organic search rankings with consistently accurate data.

Maintain 10+ digital profiles – across social media, maps, directories, phone listings and review sites – for every location.

Dominate mobile visibility and show up in the top three search results for every location.

Searchlight enables you to synchronize business information for every location across 250+ social channels, directories and mapping systems – increasing your mobile visibility and driving revenue.

Deep Partnerships

Claim pages, verify and update information on-demand through API integrations with the most used mobile networks and business data providers. MomentFeed’s Early Tester partnership with Google gives you an opportunity to take advantage of new features and optimizations.

Network partnerships include; Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Yelp, Snapchat and More

Keep data up-to-date by comparing profiles with Google-suggested changes

Simplified Publishing

Keep data up-to-date by comparing profiles with Google-suggested changes and publishing updates directly through preferred APIs, while eliminating duplicate and rogue pages with continuous auditing by the Digital Presence Services team.

Ranking Reports & Insights

Track search engine ranking results for 10+ keywords, uncover trend insights across Facebook, Google My Business and Yelp, and get activity reports on clicks to call, clicks for directions and more.

Track search engine ranking results
Searchlight network status monitoring and updating

Network Status

Manage the health of your location data by comparing with the listings data across networks, and ensuring consistent and accurate information is displayed on Google, Facebook, Bing and more.

Location Data API

Power your own applications, such as a branded mobile app or location finder on your website, directly through Searchlight’s location data API.

Power your own applications
Searchlight is a modular addition to MomentFeed’s MCX Platform that ensures the accuracy of your location data, storing it in the MCX Platform. Searchlight works in conjunction with other MCX modules: Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, and Reputation Manager.
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