Drive More Sales with More Mobile Visibility

Make Your Nearest Location A Mobile Consumer’s First Choice

Visibility Manager helps multi-location brands manage location data distribution and consistency. It enables location data publishing across the web to more than 320 directories, which improves search rankings, impressions, online-to-offline actions, and ultimately drives more in-store sales.

Build Brand Trust, And Sales,
With Up-To-Date Mobile Pages

Everything from consistent location information, to social consumer engagement, and even store reviews can impact your brand’s visibility on mobile devices. When consumers look for what you sell– whether it’s browsing reviews, maps or voice search – recommendations are made based on the data available of your brand’s closest location.


Consumers expect consistent and accurate business information when deciding where to shop, dine, bank or play, so getting this right is critical to increasing your brand’s mobile visibility, driving consumers in-store, and ultimately providing a great mobile consumer experience. If you want to increase revenue across your locations, you must increase your mobile visibility.

Build Brand Trust, And Sales, With Up-To-Date Mobile Pages

Manage All Your Digital Storefronts – In One Place

The seemingly simple task of updating business hours for a holiday could take an entire army of digital marketers. But it doesn’t have to. With Visibility Manager from MomentFeed, you can keep all your pages updated, across all the mobile and social networks, all the time.

Manage All Your Digital Storefronts – In One Place

Maximize mobile visibility by ensuring consumers’ searches direct them to your nearest location.

Make sure all of your locations are optimized for voice search.

Ensure digital profiles’ accuracy to prove your authority and boost organic search rankings.

Eliminate rogue and duplicate pages that confuse consumers and hurt search rankings.

Accelerate your organic search rankings with consistently accurate data.

Maintain digital profiles – across social media, maps, directories, phone listings and review sites – for every location.

Make sure your brand’s nearest location is a consumer’s first, and most obvious choice.

Manage online restaurant menu information to influence consumers, search rankings and local SEO.

Visibility Manager enables you to synchronize business information for every location across 320+ social channels, directories and mapping systems – increasing your mobile visibility and driving revenue.

Insights & Analytics

Intuitive dashboard with quick access to visibility reports that track insights and results across branded and unbranded search engine rankings, page & listing health, network errors, listing discrepancies, visitor actions and more.

Intuitive dashboard with quick access to visibility reports
Simplified Publishing of Location Information

Simplified Publishing

View master location data, make updates and edits directly, then publish changes or schedule publishing ensuring your data is consistently accurate to accelerate search rankings. Learn more.

Deep Partnerships

Reach 320+ networks, knowledge websites, directories, apps, maps and navigation systems. Claim pages, verify and update information on-demand through API integrations with the most used mobile networks and business data providers.

Network partnerships include; Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Yelp, Snapchat and More

Manage the health of your location data

Network Status

Manage the health of your location data by comparing with the listings data across networks, and ensuring consistent and accurate information is displayed on Google, Facebook, Bing and more.

Visibility Manager is a product addition to MomentFeed’s PSO Platform. Visibility Manager ensures all of your information is consistently accurate, across all networks to drive increased mobile visibility, revenue and success for MomentFeed’s world-class clients.
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