MomentFeed Appoints Kyra Purvis to Vice President of Social Solutions

Purvis Strengthens MomentFeed’s Ability to Help Clients Drive In-store Traffic Through Integrated Social and Marketing Strategies

Santa Monica, Calif. (BusinessWire) April 3, 2019

MomentFeed, the leader in mobile consumer experience management for multi-location brands, announced today that Kyra Purvis has joined the company as Vice President of Social Solutions. A career expert in digital advertising and consumer marketing strategies, Purvis brings deep expertise in helping organizations use social media practices to increase engagement at a brand and local level.

Prior to joining MomentFeed, Purvis was an Executive Vice President, Revenue and Partnerships at Brand Networks, managing and expanding the company’s partner relationships at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. Purvis also ran a social media consulting firm, focused on empowering brands to utilize digital marketing and advertising as a strategic and targeted marketing channel.

“While today’s social media tools seemingly enable every business to run effective national advertising campaigns, they aren’t yet equipped to support local, multi-location strategies,” said Purvis. “There are layers of complexity and unique requirements that come with solving multi-location digital marketing challenges, and native tools within social partners make efforts cumbersome and resource intensive. MomentFeed is the only company I have seen across my entire career that can offer a proven solution to this industry-wide challenge, and why I believe more and more multi-location brands will continue to choose MomentFeed as their platform-of-choice.”

Paid advertising is a critical component to driving new customers through the door and expanding a company’s footprint through location expansion. To support effective paid advertising campaigns, however, it’s important to have management and social engagement tools in place to support local communities of customers and properly engage customers throughout the conversation. Leading consumers into a poorly managed social community can quickly cancel out advertising investments, and result in lost customers and revenue.

“The beauty of the MomentFeed platform is our ability to combine all aspects of paid and organic into a single, holistic solution that can not only attract the right customers based on location, but also engage them across the most popular social networks where they actually live, shop and play,” said Robert Blatt, CEO and Chairman of MomentFeed. “Kyra’s close relationships and expertise working across major social networks like Facebook and Instagram give our clients a real edge in terms of their ability to cultivate a community of local and engaged customers needed to grow revenue and build lifelong brand loyalty. We are so excited to have her as part of our family, and I know our clients will be, too.”

MomentFeed helps multi-location brands manage and execute paid media campaigns as part of its Paid Media Manager solution, which is designed to help brands and agencies run local ad campaigns at national scale. Paid Media Manager, which is a critical component of MomentFeed’s Mobile Consumer Experience (MCX) platform, leverages the accurate location data stored in the MCX platform to ensure relevant ads are served to reflect the attributes of the nearest location. Paid Media Manager works in conjunction with other MCX modules including Social Media Manager, Location Finder, Reputation Manager and Visibility Manager. As a whole, the MCX platform is focused on driving in-store traffic for customers, turning local pages, organic search and paid advertising programs into in-store revenue.


About MomentFeed

MomentFeed’s mobile consumer experience management software enables multi-location brands to make their nearest location the best choice for every mobile customer. The Mobile Consumer Experience (MCX) management platform helps organizations manage consumer engagement at the store or field level, creating a mobile consumer experience that is more authentic, relevant and engaging for local consumers and directly drives in-store foot traffic across multiple channels, providing marketing attribution for each channel.

With an integrated management and reporting system that spans multiple channels including mobile search, social media, digital advertising and customer care, the MCX platform helps continuously and predictably capture more in-store sales for retailers, restaurant chains, banks, auto dealers, insurance companies and other franchised and corporate-owned multi-location businesses. MomentFeed was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information visit


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