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Strengthen Clients’ Advertising with MomentFeed’s SaaS Technology

Maximize the success of your clients that have 30 or more locations using the MomentFeed Mobile Customer Experience (MCX) software platform.

Your Strategy + Our Platform = Happy Clients!

Leverage the MCX Platform to execute organic and paid search, social media, digital advertising, review management, cross-network reporting and more for your clients at every organizational level. If your clients have more than 30 stores, branches, shops or restaurants MomentFeed’s deep partnerships and scalable software will enable your team to execute digital strategy for brick-and-mortar brands, as well as demonstrate both cross-channel marketing ROI and in-store revenue attribution.

MomentFeed Is The Top Choice for Top Agencies

MomentFeed supports agency partners with specialties that include: digital advertising, social media, public relations, SEO consulting, local SEO, paid media, local advertising, mobile advertising, multicultural marketing and native media buying. The MCX Platform brings paid, earned and organic programs together under one digital roof.

Agency Specific Resources

Increase business and expand scope across more multi-location clients using MomentFeed’s dedicated agency team.

Custom Training

Learn best practices from our subject matter experts and enable your team and clients to optimize their mobile presence & visibility.

True Partnership

Deliver results that exceed your clients’ expectations through close collaboration between MomentFeed and your agency.

Learn How MomentFeed Helped These Clients Reign Supreme

The last mile is when a consumer is ready to spend. They want a product or service immediately and close by. This Groundbreaking Report explains How your mass advertising fits in with an effective mobile search program, Why that last mile (or, in some cases, 0.1 of a mile) can make a difference in sales, and Why an investment in Proximity Search Optimization™ is a MUST, backed by statistics....

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MomentFeed is great! They helped us with one of our largest accounts and saw incredible results leveraging their search and discovery program.
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