Data Syndication Partners

The Networks You Need To Reach Your Customers

MomentFeed helps you keep all your business locations’ information up-to-date across the web through these data syndication partners. MomentFeed has tapped these partners’ pre-built APIs to update our clients’ business information across 310+ different websites, directories, apps, maps and listing services.

Intuitive dashboard with quick access to visibility reports

As the industry’s most accurate and complete location data management solution, MomentFeed keeps the information about each business location stored in the PSO Platform’s Location Manager up-to-date, all the time. This business information is published through Visibility Manager to the most used social networks, and through our syndication partners to the most reputed and farthest-reaching directories.


This gives our clients a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure information accuracy. Consistent and accurate information helps clients find your businesses and maximizes the search engine rankings for each location.

Business Data Syndication Services

These leading business data providers were selected because their website and directory clients are crawled by search engines as source of authority, and those networks, directories and listing sites have the widest consumer reach. Search engines like Google and Bing use the business listing information on these sites as an authoritative ranking signal. And, these services also power the results available in mobile services, digital mapping tools, mobile navigation apps, and OEM in-car GPS systems. They help MomentFeed to ensure your stores can be found.

See the power of these partnerships at work for yourself!