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Across all location-based industries, consumers are using “near me” proximity searches. These local searchers have a high purchase intent, with 76% visiting a local business within 24 hours.

Whether you are a national bank or a restaurant chain – when you are not in the top three search results in your industry, you are invisible.

Learn How MomentFeed Can Help Your Industry Increase Visibility and Attract More Customers

Be Visible In Moments of Financial Decision

Despite all the digital advancements in financial services — when it comes to a big financial decision like buying a home or helping a child open a checking account — consumers still want an in-person experience. However, these in-person experiences almost always start with an online search. With MomentFeed, ensure your brand is visible and inspires trust in these critical financial decision-making moments.


Credit Unions


Insurance Carriers

Help Your Customers Satisfy Cravings Fast

Today’s consumers are making more informed dining decisions. When hunger or thirst sets in, consumers will turn to a smart device and search for whatever they are craving. The question is, will your closest location be visible? With MomentFeed, you’ll have more control and visibility into the local search performance of every location, across all the most important discovery networks.


Fast Food

Quick Serve


Attract More Health-Conscious Clients

When it comes to health-related questions, 80% of U.S. consumers search the internet for information on everything from specific medical treatments to fitness and nutrition. With MomentFeed, establish a prominent web presence, improving your visibility on the networks that matter most. And inspire trust with accurate, complete information, well-managed reviews, and engaging social content.



Urgent Care

Dental Care

Drive More Bookings by Being Everywhere Your Guests Are

Today’s adventurous consumers use their smart device as a trusted travel guide. They consult their smartphones when planning their trip, and making dining, lodging, and entertainment decisions along their journey. With MomentFeed, your locations will be visible everywhere the high-intent traveler is searching. And your digital presence will stand out, with easy to manage promotions and photos that showcase the experiences guests can expect.



Auto Rental

Be Found Online, Drive Traffic Offline

Connecting online to offline retail experiences has never been more important. Today’s shoppers want reassurance from your digital presence that they’ll find what they’re looking for before they step inside your store. With MomentFeed, you’ll have control of how your brand shows up digitally, driving more customers through your doors.

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Auto Services

Clothing Stores

Grocery Stores

Salons & Spas

Wireless Services

Convenience Stores

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