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Drive Sales To Every Location With Mobile

Managing the mobile marketing for many locations is challenging. Those in the travel and hospitality industry, like rental car companies and hotels, need to make sure that consumers – who are often unfamiliar with an area when they’re looking – can always find the closest location, whether through maps, search engines or the brand’s website.

Having a mobile app is great for loyal customers, but potential new customers and guests are looking for their next car rental or overnight on social media sites, not your brand’s app.

“I want to go” moments are one of Google’s big four identified points when brands have the most opportunity to influence consumers. While time is down on mobile travel sites (after all, research time is now being split into smaller sessions on mobile rather than long searches on desktop), conversion is up by 88%.

Make sure your listings rank when purchase intent is highest in mobile and voice search.
Win mobile moments and influence purchase decisions on mobile.

Consumers are choosing those brands that are there across all their quick research sessions. But the real battleground isn’t for brand awareness during consumers’ research – it’s for authority and ranking in categorical and “organic” searches.

To rank at the top of these mobile searches, travel and hospitality brands need a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. With a multi-location approach, MomentFeed can help you increase your search visibility, proactively monitor reviews, increase the effectiveness of mobile advertising and ensure consumers can find and navigate to every location. Find out how.

Accurate location coordinates and Google attributes for each individual location ensures that potential customers have all the relevant information they need to make decisions. MomentFeed allows us to keep all of our locations under control, in real time.
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Attract New Customers and Build Brand Loyalty With Review Management

Today’s consumers are better informed than ever before, and their vacations and travel time are equally well-researched. When considering where to stay, how to travel or even where to go, reviews are often one of the only things they have to base their decisions on, making your ratings key to attracting new customers.

With MomentFeed’s Reputation Manager, you can actively respond to each of your online reviews – across all your locations on every network – without requiring you to add team members. This will turn bad ratings into good reviews/recommendations and set you apart from the competition, boosting your visibility in search and converting more consumers into customers.

Reputation Manager makes it easy to monitor and respond to reviews across networks like Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.
We’ll help you stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression on consumers, driving sales and building brand loyalty.

Be There For Your Customers Every Step Of The Way

Accurate listings get found quickly and rank higher; help travelers make their way though your doors.

Mobile marketing and advertising can be challenging when you’re charged with improving sales at dozens or even thousands of locations. Being there with useful and relevant data in the moments when your customers are making decisions can make a big impact on revenue.

By ensuring that the information for every one of your locations is always up-to-date – across all the networks – you increase your visibility by topping the results in major search engines, voice assistants, and social networks like Facebook and Yelp. And when consumers are in an unfamiliar area looking for something to drive or somewhere to stay, being immediately findable makes all the difference.

With MomentFeed’s PSO Platform – which is specifically designed for multi-location businesses – you can have the tools you need to be there for your customers. We can help you build a mobile presence for each of your locations that will

Reputation management made easy with MomentFeed's Mobile Customer Experience Platform.

Empower you to review and reply to each and every rating in a scalable way

Momentfeed's mobile marketing solutions publish branch and ATM listing across the entire mobile ecosystem.

Help you ensure your customers always have the accurate, up-to-date information they need to find you

MomentFeed helps our franchisees engage nearby communities on social networks to drive foot traffic. And it works, because people look at their phones - and their Facebook feed - when deciding where they want to eat.

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