Mobile Marketing For Telecom And Wireless Carriers

Be There – When Customers Are Looking And Ready To Buy

90% of wireless shoppers research online or on mobile. You need to be there for those research moments and make it easy for consumers to find your stores.

  • 75%of customers who purchase through the top 4 wireless carries prefer to buy in person
  • 90%of wireless shoppers research online or on mobile
Across the country or the globe, you can manage all your digital storefronts at once with the PSO Platform.

Effective mobile marketing can be a real challenge when you’re covering hundreds or even thousands of locations. To persuade consumers to choose your shop, you must provide up-to-date location information and business hours, advertise with location-specific information, monitor reviews/recommendations, and engage with existing and prospective customers across social media – for each of your locations.

MomentFeed offers a scalable solution that enables you to create a true mobile presence and master mobile marketing for telecom and wireless communication services, winning new customers and driving increased sales. Find out how.

Driving Customers From Mobile Through Your Doors

There are more than 100 “near me” searches for a wireless store every minute, and that number is growing by 40% every year. But you already know how important mobile is because that’s your business.

In order for your stores to top the results that come back from those mobile searches, you have to make sure each of your stores is as visible as possible on mobile with comprehensive location data management. You need to keep all your locations, addresses, phone numbers and hours accurate across your website as well as on listing directories and local social media pages.

MomentFeed's Searchlight module makes ongoing location data management easy.
Make your ad budget count. MomentFeed makes it easy to deploy local awareness campaigns from each of your locations.

Having this information up-to-date also prepares the way for effective mobile advertising and social media engagement.


61% of consumers report that they’re more likely to buy from a company that customizes ads with their location information, and Sprint found that paid search ads drove five in-store sales for each online sale.*

By providing people with the right message at the right time and in the right place, you can make a big impact on revenue by driving consumers to buy in your stores.

With MomentFeed, you can keep all your location data up-to-date – across all the networks – and turn your national ad campaigns into local, neighborhood buys, all without adding staff.

MomentFeed's Mobile Customer experience platform can help Telecommunications companies increase foot-traffic and boost new customer acquisition.

Managing Customer’s Entire Mobile Experience

Our world is mobile. You understand how heavily your customers rely on their mobile devices.

You can leverage that behavior to increase your sales – even when customers prefer to buy in-store. By creating a true mobile presence, you ensure that no matter where consumers look – major search engines, review sites, local social media pages – they find the accurate, actionable information needed to get them in the store to buy.

MomentFeed’s PSO Platform can help your customers find the relevant, immediate, useful details they need to get through your doors and make a purchase, whether they’re looking for a store location, offers at their local store or customer reviews. Find out how.

Manage the customer entire mobile experience.
In our industry, customers research online but purchase in-store. What makes MomentFeed so great is that they allow us to stay on top of the entire customer lifecycle. Everything from expanding our mobile reach, to providing accurate store information, and even responding to reviews--all from one dashboard.
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