Mobile Marketing For Retailers

Connecting With Your Buyers Through Mobile

Mobile has taken over the digital world, and more than 50% of offline sales are now influenced by mobile. Studies also show that customers who buy both in-store and online have a 30% higher lifetime value for retail brands.

Make local mobile marketing your competitive advantage

Mobile marketing isn’t optional for retailers today. It can be a powerful competitive advantage, help you compete against ecommerce-only companies and actually drive foot traffic and same-store sales growth. It’s a powerful way for you to ensure your stores show up in mobile search results with actionable, accurate information that drives customers to buy.

MomentFeed’s new People Nearby vs. Paid Impressions dashboard is our new go-to for conversion tracking. We can also see the relationship between campaign spend and regional sales. We’re now segmenting our stores by regions and groups to see what’s working, which helps expand major markets or campaigns based on direct offline attribution.
Deidre Hazelbaker
Tire Discounters

If You’re Not In the Top 3 In Mobile Search, You’re Invisible

When a customer uses Google or Bing, or even Facebook, to look for a product you carry, 70% of them choose a store to buy from that appears in the top 3 search results.


If they’re using voice search like Siri or Alexa they only hear the #1 recommendation.


If you’re not appearing in the top results, you’re invisible to the mobile consumer.

How Do You Get There?

Mobile search is local search

Your store information has to be accurate.

Mobile search is based on distance, and if your closest store’s address and latitude and longitude aren’t accurate, you won’t be seen.


You need to have active local pages.

You have to have engaged customers who leave comments and ratings – and more than your competitors and with above three star ratings at a minimum.


Your website must be an authority for every location.

A page for each store should be accessible and crawlable on your website – with as much unique information available as possible – so search engines can see that the data matches all the information on social media listing services like Yellow Pages and other directories.

If you’re not doing all of these, the chances to capture consumers in the moment they’re making a buying decision are very small. You’re invisible.

Manage The Entire Experience For Customers On Mobile

Today’s consumers do more research on their purchases than ever before – often even checking your mobile site when they’re in your stores. Reaching them where they are and making the experience seamless is the way to win on mobile.

Mobile customers are researching is-store purchases online

MomentFeed’s MCX Platform can help you make your customers’ experiences frictionless. Whether you’re serving local ads that feature the product they’re looking for and how to get to the nearest store to pick it up or geo-coding your locations so customers are led right through your front door, we can help.

Drive In-Store Sales By Giving The People What They Want

But how do you manage localized campaigns for all of you stores? Whether you have dozens or thousands of locations the task can be overwhelming.

70% pie chart

Mobile is now used 70% more often than desktop

78% pie chart

78% of consumers want ads to be customized by their locations

1 out of 3 mobile consumers

When consumers see ads targeted to their location, 1 in 3 go on to visit a store

MomentFeed’s mobile marketing for retailers enables you to increase your visibility on mobile search by keeping all your location data for every one of your locations up-to-date all the time and turn your national campaigns into local ad buys – all without increasing resources.

MomentFeed helps our franchisees engage nearby communities on social networks to drive foot traffic. And it works, because people look at their phones - and their Facebook feed - when deciding where they want to eat.
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Applebee’s Senior Marketing
Communications Manager
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