Mobile Marketing For Consumer Service Businesses

Connect With Consumers In Their Moments Of Decision

Whatever you sell, be sure customers can find their way to your doors after the "I want to buy it" moment.

Using a search engine on a mobile device to find a hair salon, dry cleaner or fitness center is commonplace. With the power of mobile, consumers get answers to what they want to know and what they need – right now.


Online services are now almost exclusively recommending what’s close by, and social media is providing insight into how other people’s experiences there have been. Consumers are getting used to making important decisions in seconds.

To move more consumers from their phones into your shops, you need to make every mobile storefront the best it can be.

  • 50%of consumers who conduct a mobile search visit a store within a day
  • 18%of those visits lead to a purchase within 24 hours

To show up in mobile search results, each of your locations must have an optimized digital storefront. When you’re competing against shops with local owners or empowered managers, you’re at a disadvantage. Most multi-location brands don’t manage their mobile presence with the same level of effort, making your salons, fitness centers or shops less visible.


MomentFeed provides the solutions you need to influence consumers on mobile in your favor – whether you have 10 locations or 10,000. Learn how we do it.

Momentfeed optimizes each digital storefront so that your locations rank in mobile search and ultimately get visited.
The relationship we have with MomentFeed has been a powerful partnership in multiple ways. They've helped us plan and put together smarter, more effective customer engagement programs. More importantly, this ongoing partnership is based entirely on our company's success in adopting new ways to reach our customers.

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Kristen Pechacek
Sr. Manager of Digital
Anytime Fitness

Online Reputation and Review Management for Retail Services

Because 88% of consumers are influenced by reviews, recommendations, and online comments, your ratings and reviews play a huge role in getting customers in to make their first visit.

Consumers turn to Ratings and Reviews before ultimately deciding - make sure you're seen favorably and earn that first visit.
MomentFeed's mobile customer experience platform and reputation manager modules make review management a breeze.

Proactively managing your online reviews allows you to make sure they’re sharing positive experiences with customers, making it easy for consumers to see you care about your clientele.


MomentFeed’s Reputation Manager will help you review and respond to each of your online reviews, across all of the networks – without requiring you to add staff.

Maximize Digital Storefronts To Drive In-Store Traffic And Sales

Most “near me” searches on mobile are generic – along the lines of “nearby dry cleaner” or “gym near me.” Convenience wins over brand loyalty in these moments, giving you the opportunity to influence customers with a relevant and frictionless experience to get them in your doors.


Influencing consumers across all these moments requires comprehensive mobile management – a true mobile presence.

Whether it's a voice search or mobile search, MomentFeed makes sure you're locations are found.
Retail Digital Storefronts

MomentFeed’s PSO Platform helps make every location’s mobile presence more visible, more findable and with the best customer response engagement. With mobile marketing designed for multi-location businesses just like yours, you can make sure the digital storefront of each of your locations is a billboard to every mobile customer.

Our focus on multi-location businesses has also made us uniquely experienced with helping franchises. We can help franchise brands gain an extra advantage on mobile by building a large online network that boosts your mobile visibility.

Across the country or the globe, you can manage all your digital storefronts at once with the PSO Platform.
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