Mobile Marketing For Restaurant Chains

Influence Customers When They’re Hungry and Looking

  • 60%of diners search only on their mobile devices when they’re deciding where to eat
  • 75% of them haven’t decided where to eat when they start their searches

With accurate information, one of your restaurants can be the one that pops on their mobile search.

MomentFeed helps us to serve a localized message around each restaurant, with a location-specific call-to-action. And we see results in Facebook's foot traffic signals, across every territory.
East Coast Wings & Grill
Restaurants need to be visible during mobile search

Make sure each and every one of your restaurants is visible on search with comprehensive location data management and engaging mobile marketing for restaurant brands.


A comprehensive mobile marketing strategy will ensure your locations top the results on all major search engines, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, and critical social networks and review sites like Facebook and Yelp.

MomentFeed is the leader in mobile customer experience management for restaurant chains – helping ALL types of restaurants, from fast food to quick serve to fine dining, cafés, donut shops, and smoothie and juice bars. We can help you keep the information that makes each place unique updated and accurate across the internet – especially on your Google My Businesses pages, Apple Maps, Yelp and every other major social network.

Build a Community Around Your Restaurants

Facebook is now the #2 mobile search engine for local businesses and a top five site for local business reviews. With 88% of people reporting that they’re influenced by reviews and online comments, you have to take a proactive approach to social media and your online reviews.


Managing local social media pages and individual reviews for each of your locations allows you to improve customer engagement, foster loyalty to gain repeat customers, attract new customers and drive more sales.


The challenge is how to manage all of these pages without adding staff. With MomentFeed you can build an online community through social media and proactively respond to reviews across a variety of networks, without adding resources.

Restaurant Local Business Page Listing on Facebook
MomentFeed helps our franchisees engage nearby communities on social networks to drive foot traffic. And it works, because people look at their phones - and their Facebook feed - when deciding where they want to eat.
Shefali Patel
Applebee’s Senior Marketing
Communications Manager

Food Is A Social Experience – Which Means Reviews Matter More

There are hundreds of millions of posts about food across all the social networks. Today’s consumers love to share, and with so many things to look at and choices available they’ve come to rely heavily on the recommendations of others – which makes effective review management essential to your success.

Easily aggregate and respond to reviews across networks and locations
MomentFeed helps our franchise group respond to 100% of our online reviews – without adding more staff. My team replies to reviews and comments on all 150 of our restaurant pages, and our leadership team can track trends in reviews and response times.
Susie Hansbarger
Group Marketing Manager
Applebee’s Franchisee

With MomentFeed’s focus on multi-location business, we are the only platform specifically designed to meet your unique needs by giving you a complete view of the reviews for every location on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

You can also respond to reviews with one-to-many or individual responses, so customers feel heard and you have a scalable solution.

Local Advertising Is More Effective Advertising

Advertising on mobile is all about reaching the right people with the right message at the right time – and you have to make sure you’re reaching them at the right location too. The more immediate and relevant your ad, the more actionable it is for your consumers.

  • 61%of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from companies that customize information to their location

MomentFeed allows you to combine neighborhood targeting – so you can advertise only to people who live, work or travel near one of your locations – with dynamically created ads that feature local information such as restaurant name, address and hours. The better the experience for the consumer, the more likely they’ll stop and grab something to eat at your location.

Neighborhood targeting for restaurants
The unique targeting capabilities make it simple for us to deliver localized advertising across markets with a few clicks, and the reporting tells a clear story of the return we’re getting on each campaign run.
Justin McCoy
Vice President of Marketing
Cousins Subs
Local Awareness Campaigns Dynamically Generated by Location

With MomentFeed you can run thousands of local campaigns with the ease of a single national campaign. It’s local advertising at scale. With the same time and effort as a national campaign, you can see dramatically increased returns.

Mobile Marketing Designed With Franchises in Mind

Permissions and profiles within MomentFeed make workflows and approvals a breeze.

Franchise brands can have an extra advantage on mobile because their larger network can translate to a larger, more visible online network as well – which makes it easier for consumers to find you and drives more customers through your doors.


MomentFeed’s franchise expertise provides you the workflows, approvals, shared media and ads, and sharing tools you need to provide a local voice with the necessary corporate oversight and guidance.

Applebee’s franchisees unlocked the secret to organic reach and lower CPM for ads. They start by leveraging a national message and give it a local feel for each restaurant. People love it, and it generates more ROI.
Jonathan Brewer
Applebee’s Franchisee

With MomentFeed, organizations can publish, advertise and respond to consumers when and where it matters most with the ability to distribute engagement from central marketing teams to field marketing and franchise owners.

Mobile Marketing to Drive Visits and Orders

Restaurant brands like Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen and Applebee’s along with other brands like Starbucks and Jamba Juice, have all improved their mobile visibility and their ability to attract and retain customers with MomentFeed.

MomentFeed’s comprehensive mobile marketing for restaurant chains helps these brands stand out from the competition. We can help you too.

MomentFeed Mobile Customer Experience management platform
The unique targeting capabilities make it simple for us to deliver localized advertising across markets with a few clicks, and the reporting tells a clear story of the return we’re getting on each campaign run.
Justin McCoy
Vice President of Marketing
Cousins Subs
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