Mobile Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

Making The Most of Social Media: Banking In The Mobile World

Depositing a check with your phone or getting an insurance quote from a Facebook ad is commonplace in our mobile-first world. Social media, while fun, has proven a crucial business tool banks and credit unions need to leverage to grow.

When it comes to finding new clients, mobile marketing and reputation management are essential. Banks must create a greater presence on mobile through social media networks like Facebook, Google and Yelp – in order to get recommendations from friends and peers in their communities.

Mobile consumer depositing a check on mobile
Consumers increasingly turn to voice search, search engines, and mobile networks, sound mobile marketing strategies optimize for these trends.

This is where mobile marketing for banks can help you turn consumers into customers – by providing the information they’re looking for – where and when they need it. By ensuring your information is accurate and up-to-date you can build an online network of virtual branches that matches your offline one – increasing your mobile visibility, building a sense of trust in consumers and helping you gain more customers. Learn more.

We ensure your customers can walk or navigate to every one of your touchpoints – proving your commitment to serving each community and putting you a step ahead of competitors.

Be A True Community Bank – It Starts On Mobile

  • 73%of consumers lost trust in brands with inaccurate information online
  • 50%of basic address information online is inaccurate

We know that keeping all your location data – for every single branch – updated all the time is nearly impossible, but in an industry where trust is paramount it makes a big difference.


MomentFeed works with banks to help make their branches more visible and appealing across the web with comprehensive location data management. We can help you keep all location information up-to-date – for every location and across every network – and we provide the most accurate service for pinpointing the location of ATMs and branches – with our Digital Presence Services. Learn how we do it.

Mobile Marketing solutions that make your ATMs and branches easier to locate and more favorably considered online

Your Online Reputation Matters, More

MomentFeed network partners include Google, Facebook, Instagam, Yelp, Bing, Foursquare and more.

MomentFeed can help you be there whenever consumers need you with the trust-building data and accurate information they’re looking for.

MomentFeed provides a single place for bank managers and corporate marketers to engage with clients across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google My Business.

Using workflows and approval processes, you can enable the right team to post content, listen and respond to customers, and reply to consumer ratings, reviews, and recommendations to let your customers know you care and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to earn their business. You can make every branch stand out just by responding – and the community around your branch will respond in return. Learn more.

Branches responding to customers

The MomentFeed PSO Platform empowers you to manage the entire mobile customer experience. 

build neighborhood campaigns in just a couple clicks.

Localize ads with local trust elements such as branch manager

Communicate authentically from each of your locations in the communities you serve.

Build a community around each branch

More and more customers are banking from the palm of their hands. MomentFeed allowed us to take advantage of this trend and use mobile to attract new customers and bring them to our branches.
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