Company History

Like most great companies, we were born in a garage and on a singular principle

Founder Rob Reed knew that the intersection of mobile, social and local would change the way businesses and consumers engaged with each other. We developed a revolutionary product designed to enable corporate marketers to reach a national audience through social media, centered around business locations – not corporate HQ. MomentFeed was born, and shortly after published the “SoLoMo Manifesto” (social, local, mobile) to spotlight marketers’ new challenges – and opportunities – ahead.

Location Data Excellence is Born

Focus on Location Data Accuracy

Soon Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Texas Roadhouse, Disney Stores and others signed on, and together, we changed their approach to digital marketing – and learned a lot in the process. We found that we had to first help these brands find, claim and fix their listings and pages in order to locally engage consumers. Consequently, we quickly became experts in location data accuracy.

Social media management purpose built for multi-location brands

Link to Social and Local

Multi-location brands – especially large ones – need a system to reach and engage with local customers across social media networks. So in 2011 and 2012, we began linking up with Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and built the capability to fix local social listings across networks.

With a series of innovations and first-to-market features in location data management, we continued to expand our marketing platform with additional innovations and API connections to networks. We committed to delivering white-glove data location management services to enterprises with the world’s most accurate geocoding methodology, PinSync™.

Mobile Search

Race to the Top of Search

In 2013, mobile use jumped dramatically, and the number of networks narrowed, led by Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing and Yelp. MomentFeed understood that accurate listings have a significant influence on SEO – and the lack of data integrity makes some companies completely invisible in searches. So we expanded our expertise in local SEO and added an integrated mobile advertising module, now called Paid Media Manager.

Google – the search engine giant itself – then changed its algorithms for “near me” searches. Now instead of a brand’s own website popping up at the top, mobile searches first highlight Google My Business (GMB) listings. This transformed the target of local SEO from website optimization to GMB optimization, and Facebook and Apple quickly jumped on board. The battle of improving local relevance began.

MomentFeed observed that improved consumer engagement, ratings and links influence the authority of GMB listings and lead to higher search rankings. So we made these our specialties. In fact, brands that took advantage of all MomentFeed’s modules began dominating the race to the top of the search pile.

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Mobile Reigns

Shift to Mobile

As of 2016, people officially use mobile devices more than desktops, completing the marketing shift to mobile. By no coincidence, this year also marked unprecedented company growth for MomentFeed along with a new platform launch. Most importantly, this platform gave brands the ability to measure and trace their efforts. They can now link online efforts to offline results, measuring the effectiveness of mobile campaigns against foot traffic and in-store sales.

We're still leading the way.


Headquartered in the Silicon Beach area of Los Angeles, MomentFeed is working hard to stay on top of new mobile trends and opportunities – like voice search and the continuing battle to stay visible on incumbent and emerging mobile networks.

Our goal is to always empower multi-location brands to increase local relevance; drive the need for accurate, rich location information and provide a measureable, cohesive customer experience within each of a brand's digital storefronts.

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