“At the center of it all has always been the success of our clients”

– Robert Blatt, CEO


Our Account Management team is dedicated to client success. We provide our clients with on-demand support and training at no additional cost. Our clients are our link to the market and with that in mind we always strive to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations. We have a tremendous amount of experience in helping brands understand how they can leverage the ever-evolving world of social, local and mobile marketing.

A young boy is shown eating spaghetti at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Old Spaghetti Factory

A popular national restaurant chain with locations across the United States launched a pilot program leveraging the MomentFeed platform to test the power and effectiveness of localized Facebook advertising. The goal was to determine what impact a targeted localized marketing campaign with local and relevant content would have on in-store foot traffic and sales.


Over the course of the pilot, a control group of 19 restaurants received generic content promoting a special menu item with no paid promotion. Another test group of 19 locations received location-specific content as a promoted post, targeted to customers around each specific location.


The chain found significant improvements in the test group compared to the control group. With the help of the MomentFeed platform, the restaurant realized a lift in customers reached (650,000 unique local customers reached over 9 weeks), a net gain in transactions (7,200 net gain vs. the control group), a net increase in revenue (7,200 net gain vs. the control group) and a return on their ad spend (30x ROI on $1000 in Facebook ad spend).

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Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory
A client of Jamba Juice is shown drinking her smoothie.

Jamba Juice

When a national franchise restaurant chain came to MomentFeed with duplicate Facebook pages, low social engagement and no reliable form of measuring the return on their investment in digital marketing, it was clear that a comprehensive management solution was needed.

Maintain Brand Integrity While Empowering the Franchisee

Cousins Submarines, MomentFeed Client, is better known as Cousins Subs

Cousins Subs

Cousins Subs partnered with MomentFeed to better connect with local customers as the go-to neighborhood sub shop. The brand’s commitment to building a strong local presence meant providing their consumers with authentic content, messaging, and info about the brand at the precise moment in time consumers were looking to grab a bite to eat.


Cousins Subs

Learn how MomentFeed’s unique geo-targeting capabilities put Cousins Subs in more phones and on more tables.

Cousins Subs Logos
Tire Discounters

Tire Discounters

The nation’s eighth-largest independent tire retailer looked to MomentFeed to improve engagement with customers via social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare. This top independent tire dealer sought to improve how media reach was tracked and correlated with foot traffic and overall sales in its local stores.

“MomentFeed’s new People Nearby vs. Paid Impressions dashboard is our new go-to for conversion tracking. We can also see the relationship between campaign spend and regional sales. We’re now segmenting our stores by regions and groups to see what’s working, which helps expand major markets or campaigns based on direct offline attribution.”

– Deidre Hazelbaker,
 Tire Discounters

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