Within Six Months, WabaGrill Saw a 300% Increase in Visibility for the Unbranded Keyword “Healthy Food"

  • 300%

    Increase in unbranded search rank for "healthy food"

  • 135%

    Increase in unbranded search for "healthy lunch"

"Digital Marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business…provided you can pull the right levers at the right time. MomentFeed’s suite of products acts like virtual staff helping to ensure our brand is most relevant at those critical moments of customer interaction."

VP of Marketing & Technology



WabaGrill was searching for a unified platform solution that could influence all five Proximity Search Optimization™ (PSO) factors. Its previous solution did not yield meaningful unbranded search rankings for WabaGrill against its key competitors, and lacked the capability for reporting the brand's online visibility across franchisees.


WabaGrill selected MomentFeed as the leader in the industry to implement an on-going strategy across location data management, reviews, social media,
and website local pages. Having more than 200 locations and a small team at corporate, WabaGrill needed one solution that spoke to each PSO factor while using technology to scale productivity of marketing activities such as posting to local social pages and managing reviews across various networks.

After six months of implementing MomentFeed, WabaGrill saw a sizable increase in its most important unbranded keywords.

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