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Torrid Sees 51% Increase in Locations Ranking in the Top 3 on Google for “Plus Size Clothing Near Me”

Torrid, a fashion apparel retailer for women size 10-30, has more than 580 stores nationwide and throughout Canada. With new stores opening every day, Torrid struggled to manage its online data and listings, as well as scaling its localized marketing approach.


Torrid wanted a system with corporate oversight that allowed it to efficiently manage its digital presence while delivering local marketing at the store level. The more the brand grew, the less control it felt it had ... until partnering with MomentFeed.


Torrid understood the impactful benefits of influencing the top Proximity Search factors. By leveraging MomentFeed’s unique capabilities via an integrated marketing platform, they were able to boost brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and drive revenue by increasing in store traffic through search engine optimization.


Increase in locations ranking within the top 3 for "plus size clothing near me"


Increase in average search


Increase of average monthly views


Increase in average star rating of 4.4

Watch how teaming up with MomentFeed enabled Torrid to achieve some groundbreaking results.

MomentFeed allowed us to take control back as a corporate company and scale our business. Our engagement went up, instantaneously!

Director of MarketingTorrid

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