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What Voice Search Means to Marketers and How Brands Can Prepare for It

You need to prepare NOW for the rapid use of local voice search. Here are the compelling facts about consumer behavior and 6 powerful tips for your multi-location brand or franchise.

Voice search — especially for local products and services — is on a steady upswing. According to eMarketer, voice searches are up 9.5% from last year. Consumers perform 20% of their mobile device searches by speaking rather than texting.

When a consumer asks his device — mobile phone, smart speaker, or even the new wearables like eyeglasses or a ring — where to find something, make sure they find YOUR brand locations.

What are people searching for using voice? What devices are they using? And, most important, how can you use Proximity Search Optimization™ to ensure that your brand is the one that gets spoken first when consumers search locally?

More consumers are using voice search to find what they want locally — using mobile devices, smart speakers, and wearables. This quick-scan summary illustrates:

  1. Why voice is so critical
  2. What devices consumers use most and what they’re asking
  3. How to prepare for the voice search boom
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