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Today is a very exciting day at MomentFeed. After more than a decade of being a pioneer in the “Near Me” Customer Experience sector and working with many of the most visible consumer brands in the U.S. to transform location-based marketing, we are announcing that MomentFeed intends to join forces with Uberall.* Uberall is a European-based ‘Near Me’ Marketing SaaS provider and a long-time partner of MomentFeed and already one of the most successful players in the space. Together we are excited to become a global leader with a focus on building an organization and platform that brings people together with brands at a local level.

The two companies have a lot in common. Over the course of working with Uberall I have been struck by how successfully Uberall has achieved significant scale over a relatively short time frame. It is impressive to see an organization that has developed a product that deeply resonates with both brands and agency partners. It has been wonderful to discover that both organizations have an extreme focus on delivering world class customer success, that our cultures are very similar and the leadership has an extraordinarily similar product vision.

I believe that there is no better time than now for Uberall and MomentFeed to take ‘Near Me’ marketing to the next level and become a global solution leader for the ‘Near Me’ Customer Experience category. Here’s why I believe this:

Growing Importance of ‘Near Me’ Customer Experiences

This acquisition comes at a time when consumer behavior is more locally directed than ever. During the pandemic, digital-first transactions grew significantly but so did demand for nearby solutions to consumer needs. In fact, ‘Near Me’ Search activity intensified amid COVID, with search queries for “available near me” growing 100% year-over-year. Today’s consumers don’t distinguish between online and offline and we don’t either, we offer solutions that bridge the gap between the two because that is what consumers want.

100% more searches for 'available near me'

Multi-Location Brands Responding

Multi-location brands are responding, compelled to deliver a seamless online-to-offline customer experience that their customers have come to expect. In fact, in the U.S. alone, more than $83 billion will be spent this year to reach local consumers online. We intend to be the solution of choice to help multi-location brands on this journey.

$83 billion will be spent in 2021 to reach local consumers online

Crossing the ‘Near Me’ Marketing Solutions Chasm

In relation to market maturity, we’ve seen a massive amount of funding pour into the industry to solve a growing need to reach customers on a local level. In recent years more than $1 billion has been invested in companies such as Podium,, Birdeye, and Vendasta amongst others. We’ve also seen early signs of consolidation as multi-location marketers look for a complete platform as opposed to stringing together disparate point solutions.

Along with the MomentFeed acquisition, Uberall also raised $115 million, a sizable amount of capital that will be used to fully deliver on the ‘Near Me’ Customer Experience opportunity, with a strong focus in North America. This will also translate to a product roadmap that leads the sector when it comes to “Near Me” Marketing innovation.

Crossing the 'Near Me' Marketing Solutions Chasm

A Disruptive Global Market Leader Has Emerged

While location-based marketing solutions are plentiful – all solutions are far from equal. Uberall is the product leader in a number of functional categories and so is Momentfeed. Together our integrated platform will be by far the most powerful in the location-marketing industry. The combined Uberall and MomentFeed ‘Near Me’ Customer Experience platform will enable multi-location marketers to outperform competitors with a focus in six main areas:

  • ‘Near Me’ Listings - Use a single source of truth to control how your brand shows up in `Near Me’ Listings, managing all location data across all the listings networks that matter for local search visibility.
  • ‘Near Me’ Reputation - Monitor, manage and reply to local ratings and reviews across industry-relevant review and social sites.
  • ‘Near Me’ Social - Engage with customers on a local level, and appear as a locally relevant business when customers are deciding which business to patronize.
  • ‘Near Me’ Locator & Pages - Boost search visibility and help customers quickly find and engage with dedicated listings on your website.
  • ‘Near Me’ Ads - Leverage paid search and paid social on a local level.
  • ‘Near Me’ Insights - Access incredible insights on ‘Near Me’ customer engagement, from customer sentiment analysis to buyer intent signals - across the entire ‘Near Me’ customer journey.
'Near Me' Customer Experience Platform

In addition, MomentFeed and Uberall both have highly strategic partnerships with the most important discovery networks such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Yelp. This merger amplifies our influence. Our deep ecosystem partner relationships mean early access to APIs and the ability to develop alongside major partners faster, giving our customers a competitive edge.

Together Uberall and Momentfeed intend to disrupt and delight - and we can’t wait to take our employees, customers, and partners on this ‘Near Me’ Customer Experience journey!

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*As of June 10, 2021, MomentFeed, Inc. entered into an agreement to become an indirect subsidiary of parent company uberall GmbH. A definitive agreement was signed and the transaction is expected to close in July 2021.

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