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The Window Into Your Brand’s Soul is on the Small Screen

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According to Google, by 2025, most online searches will take place on mobile or voice devices.

So, as a multi-location brand, you need to pay as much attention to your digital “merchandising” as you do to your physical locations.

Although what consumers see when they search is informed by the elusive Google algorithm, savvy brands are investing time and resources in “secret shopping” their mobile-local results and taking steps to make sure that their digital storefronts are as appealing as their physical location windows. Says Mike Blumenthal Co-Founder of GatherUp! who has been tracking mobile and local search trends for years:

Essentially Google is telling a business' brand story on their search results pages and every business needs to understand what the story that is being told is and they need to understand how to interact with their opportunities to influence that brand story. Businesses need to focus on the consumer experience, their brand and their reputation more than ever before.

This new report:

  • Illustrates the qualities of an effective “Google window” for mobile-local search
  • Details five steps you can take to ensure consumers want to walk in your doors
  • Features stories and results from multi-location brands that do it right
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