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The Rapid Skyrocketing of Unbranded Search Is Deeply Impacting YOUR Brand

an image that has a graphic of a small book with a title that reads "Unbranded searches are skyrocketing - find out why... and you can beat the trend"

A comprehensive new proprietary Proximity Search Optimization™ report from MomentFeed reveals that the percent of consumers performing unbranded mobile-local search is on a steady and dramatic climb across three major categories — restaurant, retail, and convenience/grocery.

That means that people are searching on their smartphones and tablets for generic terms (like “plant-based burger”) rather than brand names. Proximity, immediacy, and convenience, as well as reviews, are playing more of a role in decision-making than ever before.

Multi-location brands are challenged to ensure that they to appear first in rankings and stand out to the brand-agnostic consumer.

a bar chart that shows the number of unbranded searching in search engines increasing since 2016 to 2019

The powerful and timely report also reveals the latest statistics on:

  • Search trends — unbranded versus branded — by category
  • Decision factors in mobile-local searches
  • Why brand loyalty may be on the decline
  • How brands can compete in this unbranded mobile-local search environment and what steps they need to take to appeal to today’s brand-agnostic consumer
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