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The 7 Mobile-Local Must-Reads for Summer

7 Mobile Local Must Reads for Summer

Published: July 25th 2019

Before the wave of the holiday season and 2020 planning is upon us, take some time — in your office or on vacation — to get savvier about the fast-changing world of mobile-local search and how it impacts your store and location sales more than any other marketing you can do.

We’ve compiled this shortlist of fast-read guides, infographics, and e-books — all designed to help you sell more at the local level. Quick and easy to read, they belong on YOUR device (or backpack or beach bag)  this summer.

Summer Mobile-Local Trends

FREE Seasonal How-To Guides
(3-5 minute reads)

  1. Before Labor Day rolls around, capture those last summer dollars.
  2. Back-to-School spending is local. Here are 3 ways to get your share NOW.
  3. SCORE with these football season plays for retailers and restaurants.

Summer Mobile-Local Stats

Trends & Stats (7-10 minute reads)

  1. The Rapid Death of Mobile-Local Search: How to reach the 82% of customers who are searching for products or services “near me” rather than searching your brand name — when they are ready to buy at the local level.
  2. What ALL marketers who do most of their business at the local level can learn from hits and misses of the marketing of plant-based meat.
  3. Are you handcuffing your locations?
  4. The impatience of today’s consumer: The 15-minute or less spending trend.

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