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People Are on the Road This Summer. Will They Stop and Spend With YOU?

What's YOUR share of $2,000 summer spending?

Published: July 11, 2019

100 million people will be traveling this summer and will be spending >$2,000 each

The “great American road trip” is alive and well – as hot as summer weather.

What’s also hot is the use of phones and tablets to find products and services “near me,” as travelers look for food, rental cars, sunscreen, beach toys, and more.

Summer is Here

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650 million trips will take place over the summer alone!

If your retail, restaurant, or service business locations can’t be easily found by travelers or your data is wrong, you’re missing out on this huge sales opportunity. You might as well be buried in the sand.

Summer is the second biggest spending season of the year and July 4th weekend was just the beginning.

Sustainable travel, nomadic family vacations, and CBD-related spa treatments are among 2019 travel trends.

But old fashioned traditions — like trips to the beach, campgrounds, and mountains — are also here to stay. And if you can reach travelers when they’re looking for nearby attractions and treats, you’ll be made in the shade.

Here are some special attractions coming up in the weeks ahead. Each presents a way for you to attract local customers to YOUR restaurant, retail store, or other business.

  • Hot Dog Day: July 17thWoman at the pool with a watermelon

  • Ice Cream Day: July 21st

  • Mustard Day and Watermelon Day: August 3rd

  • Labor Day: September 2nd

These are all great opportunities to run promotions. But when you do, be sure your prospects know where to find you.

Just as you protect your skin with sunscreen, you need to protect your brand and locations by keeping your local data up-to-date and responding to customer reviews.

Updating your listings on Google or buying billboards on the road or on Waze is simply not enough to capture the “near me” summer traveler.


of consumers are frustrated by wrong or missing data.

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the summer opportunity and contact us today. Let us help you swim effortlessly through the often-complicated pool of local mobile marketing.

Something as simple as a misplaced location pin or incorrect business hours can cost you thousands in business this summer…and year-round.

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