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Remembering Our SVP of Engineering: Introducing the Patrick Desbrow Award

MomentFeeder of the Year: The Patrick Desbrow Award

Senior Manager of Engineering Sam Choi Recognized for Exhibiting Core Values of MomentFeed

Patrick Desbrow Last September Patrick Desbrow, MomentFeed’s SVP of Engineering, suddenly passed away. A scuba-loving tech junkie that often spent his leisure time doing karate with his children, Patrick was a beloved member of our MomentFeed family and we miss him greatly. To celebrate his life, we are honoring him and renaming our MomentFeed Employee of the Year Award as the Patrick Desbrow Award.

The Patrick Desbrow Award honors an employee that has been continuously recognized for exhibiting not one but all of our company’s core values:

  • Excellence: We aspire to always provide the highest quality in our work. We do what we say, deliver what we promise and exceed expectations.
  • Partnership: We have a genuine respect and appreciation for all of our partners and clients. We measure our success through the achievement of their success as our products, services and knowledge deliver true value.
  • Innovation: We are a company of inventors and entrepreneurs. We design, build, sell and support innovative technology, and we find creative and novel ways to apply new technologies and processes to solve important challenges.
  • Authenticity: We are open, genuine and honest in how we interact with our colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

Sam Choi This year, MomentFeed is honored to announce Sam Choi, Senior Manager of Engineering, as the winner of the first Patrick Desbrow Award.

Joining the team back in 2015 as a Full Stack Software Developer, Sam currently manages the server-side engineers. His team is responsible for maintaining systems, building the backend of the MomentFeed application and scaling the platform as the MomentFeed client base grows. Outside of MomentFeed, Sam can be found spending his weekends hiking, playing pickup basketball games and hanging out in coffee shops.

“We are proud to present the first Patrick Desbrow Award to Sam Choi,” says Robert Blatt, CEO and Chairman of MomentFeed. “Sam has shown full dedication to ensuring top performance of our software and his passion for the job is obvious and infectious. He continuously exhibits all of the core values that Patrick would have loved from any member of his engineering team.”

Congratulations, Sam! To learn more about our company culture and core values, visit

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