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Mobile Brand Search is Dying…Quickly. This New Report is Your Lifeline.

The Rapid Death of Mobile Brand Search

Published: July 16, 2019

Broad-reach brand advertising is still alive and well. In fact, close to $70 billion was spent by 7,600 brands on television ads alone last year.

But TV is no longer enough.

The Internet has transformed the advertising world and consumer behavior. Digital marketing spend is on the upswing and is expected to grow from 44 percent to 54 percent of marketing budgets by 2024.

But TV + digital is also not enough.

Brand advertising builds awareness. We’re not disputing that.

However, major brands are “missing the memo” on how consumers are actually searching and shopping when they’re ready to buy.


Increase in local searches (i.e., 'near me') over the past two years


of consumers perform UNBRANDED searches

That means they are more likely to search for “nitro brew near me” than for a specific coffee brand.

People with maps on smartphones

Two recent comprehensive industry studies of more than 150K companies revealed that “many multi-location brands and local marketers are not following basic local and SEO best practices…by not directly engaging consumers at the local level, marketers are missing opportunities to improve visibility and local rankings.”

Those multi-location brands can enjoy the best of both worlds (brand awareness AND local search), simply by devoting more focus and spend to local mobile and online marketing.

Even if companies have a robust SEM and SEO strategy, they may be missing a huge opportunity at the 'last mile' – the moment when a consumer is ready to spend.

85 percent of total customer engagement is now happening on local pages – not on your master brand profiles and corporate website.

That’s why we created a fact-packed groundbreaking report called “The Rapid Death of Mobile Brand Search.”

Keep your brand alive. Download your FREE copy today.

MomentFeed Report: The Rapid Death of Mobile Brand Search

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