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Post Facebook & Google Events at Scale with Events Manager

MomentFeed Events Manager

Whether you’re promoting your brand or a store, local events can be a great way to attract new customers and keep loyal fans coming back for more. Often, the best way to promote local events is through Facebook and Google, as event attendees use these channels to learn about and register for events.

Yes, Local Events Matter

Businesses have always used events to engage with their local community. Whether it’s a product launch, book signing or class – hosting events or sponsoring them is a great way for businesses to meet locals and develop the relationships critical to becoming part of the fabric of the community.

MomentFeed Events Manager on iPhone 7

Since event attendees often use Facebook and Google to learn about and register for events, brands can’t afford not to post events on local pages. In fact, StubHub reports that 62% of all event goers find out about an event via Facebook,1 and Facebook says that 35 million people view a public event on Facebook each day.2

But when you have hundreds or thousands of locations, it’s difficult to take advantage of Facebook and Google events for your marketing strategy. There’s simply no easy way to create and manage multiple local events on Facebook and Google. You would have to create individual events for each location. If you wanted to post an event to promote a new drink flavor at 100 locations, you would have to create 100 individual events on Facebook – and then repeat that process for Google! In fact, MomentFeed found that creating the same event across 100 locations can take approximately 8 ½ hours.

It’s Not an Impossible Task Anymore

Enter Events Manager, our solution to empower multi-location brands to create and manage local events at scale on Facebook and Google My Business – in one platform. Now, what would have taken 8 ½ hours takes 5 minutes!3

Save Time and Resources
Using the Social Media Manager publish wizard, multi-location brands can publish events at scale to their Facebook and Google My Business pages, increasing the opportunities to engage locally with consumers. Event details, images, start times, addresses and much more can be submitted to publish those events to the local pages. The Groups feature in the MomentFeed platform enables events to be published to all or a subset of location pages, saving the brand, local manager or franchisee considerable time and resources. Events will be posted within 72 hours of submission, and brands receive a notification when the event post has gone live. And since brands are already linked to Facebook and Google, they can also respond to inbound queries regarding the event from the MomentFeed platform.

MomentFeed Events Manager on Desktop Screen

Brands can also choose to limit access to Events Manager to a select group of people, which can remove the burden from local and franchise managers so they can focus on running their business. This can help brands limit native access to Facebook and Google My Business pages to maintain brand consistency across local pages.

Improve Reach and Rankings
Local events give businesses more visibility and an opportunity to connect and engage with consumers in the local community. With the ability to post local events at scale, multi-location brands also benefit from increased organic reach on Facebook and improved search rankings on Google.

Talk About a Win-Win

As part of Social Media Manager, Events Manager helps brands increase opportunities for local engagement with consumers and encourages customer loyalty. With the ability to post hundreds or thousands of events at scale on Facebook and Google My Business, multi-location brands can increase their organic reach on Facebook and improve their search rankings on Google, while saving considerable time and resources. To learn how Events Manager can help your brand, connect with MomentFeed today or check out our webinar to learn more. Watch the webinar on-demand now!

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