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Link Brand Campaigns to Mobile Ads – and Measure In-Store Sales Improvement

Put paid media to work for you brand and build awareness on mobile

Best practices to put paid media to work for your brand

Brand advertising is a huge part of your marketing budget – it’s the tide that lifts all boats. When you have a good brand, you have mindshare and you’ve created customer preference. But recently we’ve seen multi-location companies that have amazing brands start to see slower growth – and we know in some cases it’s because they’re not connecting their brand campaigns to mobile ad campaigns – and driving people that “last mile” to their stores.

Mobile ads play a critical intermediary role today – you might have customer preference, but if you’re not even in the consideration set of options, your brand might just as well not exist. With more than 51% of today’s offline purchases being influenced by mobile, this is a major trend that’s not going to slow down.

When brands tie their traditional brand campaigns with mobile campaigns designed to activate buyers, the results are simply unbelievable. Customers feel connected even more to the brand, and they know exactly where to go to make a purchase. The best part is you don’t need to understand the complexity of programmatic – the most effective campaigns are delivered directly through the apps and services consumers use most – on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat. They have made it possible to precisely target the right audience with laser-like precision for each and every one of your locations and accurately measure the results.

Think about it.

On-the-go consumers are never really unplugged—they almost always have their mobile phones and tablets with them. This presents huge opportunities for brands to reach consumers by using locally targeted ads.

Whether you’re looking to optimize or just getting started, here are some proven tactics that drive results:

Increasing Neighborhood Awareness

Habitual brand loyalty begins in the neighborhoods you serve. But you’ll need to meet your neighbors first, and the best way to meet them is through targeted local ads.

Jamba Juice wanted to empower their franchisees to manage social media and customer engagement online, so they implemented a paid media strategy to increase local awareness for new locations.

The results?

They saw a 136% increase in local Facebook Fans and a 326% increase in Instagram followers.

Hiring For New Store Openings

CEFCO needed to do some hiring. Due to rural locations and lack of visibility in the area, they weren’t finding many potential employees.

Enter their paid media manager.

By targeting potential applicants on Facebook and Instagram who were within 5 miles of their locations and creating landing pages for resume submissions, their applications increased dramatically.

Using Interest Targeting

There are few experiences more annoying than being inundated by ads that have nothing to do with our interests, and today’s customers demand relevant ads. In fact, almost two-thirds of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from companies that customize information to their location.

When Habit Burger wanted to drive awareness and foot traffic in areas where their competitors were faring better than they were, they leveraged Facebook ads targeting guests interested in their competitors.

These burger lovers received limited time offers and Habit Burger saw an average of 500+ new fans to each of their local store pages.

That’s the kind of success that national ad campaigns can’t duplicate.

So why are locally targeted ads so effective?

Because your ads are seen by consumers who are already in close proximity to your business.

But here’s the thing…

It’s up to you to make sure they know you’re around when they get close.

With the right tools at your disposal, it’s not difficult to create powerful and effective local ads—whether you’re responsible for one brick-and-mortar shop or a global brand with thousands of locations.

How? Different Platforms, Countless Options

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads allow businesses to target users within a specific distance of the store’s address. This connects brands with consumers who are nearby at the very instant they are searching specifically for your services.

97% of consumers say they read online reviews for local businesses, which brings us to Yelp. Beyond the importance of reviews, Yelp advertising can increase your exposure by recommending your brand even when a potential customer is browsing the profile of your local competitors.

Digital content gets shared with little hesitation these days, so the wild popularity of Snapchat can be used to your brand’s advantage through Geofilters. It’s a fun way to engage with your customers while they spread your image across their vast social media networks.

And don’t forget Instagram. Its growth rate is speeding up and it has an audience twice the size of Twitter. Earned media and user-generated content hitting the right audience at the right time is the sort of localized, authentic advertising that consumers trust.

But Remember, Relevance And Authenticity Above All Else

To effectively reach local customers, it’s important for your targeted ads to be genuine. Make them personal. Connect with consumers through their nearest location, not your brand’s national headquarters.

It can seem daunting to create relevant local ad campaigns, especially for brands with hundreds of locations. But you can use a platform like MomentFeed to empower operators, franchisees, or store managers to run the local campaigns that will connect with potential customers who live and work in the area—and you can make sure they stay on-brand by monitoring their social media engagement from HQ.

Also, don’t waste any chances to connect. Drive specific actions with your localized ads: make them easy to convert with tailored call-to-action buttons like Get Directions, Call Now, or Send Message.

Someone nearby is considering your business. Make it as easy as possible to take the next step and connect.

Make Your Paid Media Work For You

What a relief—digital advertising no longer has to be annoying!

Think locally and discover a wealth of new consumers. Target your local customers at the right moment and your in-store foot traffic will directly benefit from your online efforts.

Interested in making the most out of your digital advertising budget? Good news! We’re hosting a free workshop that will explain everything you need to know.

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The Last Mile: Leveraging Mobile Ads to Drive In-Store Sales

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