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Are You Going to Get Burned on July 4th Weekend?

Mobile Search July 4 Near Me

 Or Are You Waving Local Flags?

Published: June 26, 2019

We’re not talking about SPF sunscreen level and store decor.

Retailers and restaurants who are on top of their local search listings will find their sales heating up. Those who don’t will be left in the sand by their competitors.

Consumers are celebrating, traveling, and spending.

They’ll be using their phones and tablets to find SPECIFIC items – especially when they’re on the road.

Summer is Here

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In fact, 100 million people will be traveling this summer and spending >$2,000 each.

44 million people will travel on July 4th weekend alone.


of people are celebrating July 4th.

The number of “transient” customers will be on the upswing and they’ll be using their smartphones and tablets more than ever, looking for “near me,” as they head to the beach, campgrounds, to friends’ and family’s homes, or even just to nearby shopping centers.

They want to shop close by and quickly.

They’ll be looking for:

  • Patriotic items (26% of those celebrating)
  • Food for BBQs and family gatherings ($73 per person and $1.5 billion on beer and wine alone)
  • Local stores with holiday sales and promotions.
Independence Day Fact: Following Black Friday, July 4th is considered to be one of the biggest times for sales discounts.

Beer, hot dog, and hamburger in front of an American flag

SEO and SEM alone will not make you a local hero in the eyes of buyers and diners. You need to have a summer local mobile marketing strategy that matches-up with how and when people eat and shop.

See the world through your prospective customers’ eyes.

Try this on your phone or tablet:

Hot Dog

If you’re a grocery store, search for “hot dogs near me” (150 million are consumed over the 4th), “ice near me,” or “charcoal (or propane) near me.”

Red, White, and Blue Bathing Suit

If you’re a clothing store, search for “red, white, and blue bathing suit near me.”

Barbeque Grill

If you sell lawn furniture, grills, or beach blankets, search for specific items “near me.”

Gas Station Pump

If you’re a convenience store, search for “gas near me.”

In short, match what you sell to what customers might be looking for. See what they see.

If you’re not showing up in a search, consumers will buy elsewhere. If your hours are wrong, you’ll annoy customers and they’ll buy elsewhere. If you’re not on top of your reviews, you’ll rank lower in search. In short, you’ll get burned.

Celebrate your independence from summer search headaches.

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