Intelligently Answer Online Reviews at Scale with Automated Review Response

Review response, reading and responding to online reviews is one of the best ways to boost your local SEO presence. In fact, review signals make up 15% of Google's local SEO ranking factors. Multi-location businesses often get hundreds of reviews each month across a number of different sites — Google, Yelp, Facebook and many others — making it an increasing challenge to keep up. In fact, we hear time and again that multi-location marketers often de-prioritize review response to neutral to positive no-comment reviews, due to time and resource constraints.

Why should you respond to ALL reviews?

Best practice is to respond to ALL reviews — positive, neutral, negative, and no-comment. Not only is responding to reviews an opportunity to engage and build trust with your customers, your response rate to reviews matters when it comes to the Google local search algorithm. If your location has a 95% review response rate and your competitor has a 85% review response rate, this could be the tie breaker that makes the difference between your location showing up in the Google 3-Pack.

Review Response Made Easy with Intelligent Automation

With review management becoming a growing challenge for multi-location marketers, we saw this as a big opportunity to help our clients work more efficiently and gain a competitive edge in local organic search rankings. MomentFeed's new Automated Review Response solution provides a fast, intelligent way to produce a higher volume of personalized responses to no-comment reviews.

Automated review response

No-Comment Reviews are Perfect for Automated Review Response

To be clear, we're not advocating automating responses to all reviews, but there are scenarios where it makes good sense — and no-comment reviews are at the top of the list. When your customers only give stars and don't leave a comment, there is no real human analysis needed to respond to a review. In fact, there are only a handful of possible responses that make sense for a no-comment review.

To help our clients get started, there's over twenty templates to leverage for each no-comment, one-to-five star review, as well as custom fields to personalize the response with the user's name, the store location they visited, and how many stars they left. The platform then intelligently rotates through the responses, so they aren't flagged as robotic or automated either by the reader or the search engines. By leveraging our automated review response solution for no-comment reviews, your team is freed up to focus more time on reviews with comments.

The new Automated Review Response is one of four major enhancements MomentFeed is announcing this month as a part of our commitment to provide the best single platform for proximity search optimization. Learn more about the other three enhancements including next generation customer sentiment analysis, keyword suggestion tool, and our new expansion network.

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