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How iOS 10 Impacts National Retailers & Restaurants — And What You Should Do About It

Apple Maps Opportunity for Brands

With the launch of Apple’s 10th generation of the iOS operating approaching on September 13th, the company will introduce one of the biggest OS updates ever. This version shrinks the gap between mobile and the physical world, and makes the more than 100 million iPhones in the United States even more useful for real-world actions. For brands that operate multiple stores, shops or restaurants, how you react to this version of iOS will influence more than 25% of your customers — and their decision to visit and purchase, or not.

Here are 5 ways that multi-location brands can leverage these powerful new tools in iOS 10 to engage customers, and keep them coming back:

1. User Notifications Get Local
With a new iOS 10 notification framework, iPhones can deliver notifications at a specific time, or when you arrive at a specific location. For example, your brand app can trigger a notification — such as a special offer, coupon or just ‘Welcome’ — when they enter one of your stores, based on an iPhone’s GPS coordinates. It’s imperative that your stores’ location data, including verified latitude and longitude, is accurate in Apple Maps for this feature to work correctly.

2. Apple Maps Moves Front and Center
Apple has made many enhancements to their Maps app that will make it more reliable and more powerful, which means it will be more popular.

Meanwhile, Apple has “opened up” Maps so other apps can add valuable actions right onto location pins. Third-parties will now build out more actions you can take on a business listing — for example, OpenTable could help you book a reservation at a restaurant right from Maps, Uber and Lyft let you book a ride directly to an address, while Yelp will let you order for delivery.

Apple Maps is closing the gap with Google, and that means it’s even more important to ensure accurate place information in Maps to drive foot traffic to your shop or restaurant

3. Maps lets you search along your route
Using Maps, search radius isn’t the only way to find the most convenient stopping point. Maps in iOS 10 now uses your search route to help find the best options for gas, coffee, shops, or food – a much better experience than search radius when you’re traveling in a specific direction.

To show up in these searches, it’s important that your store’s information be accurate in Apple Maps – including latitude, longitude and address.

4. Siri Is Also Transforming Search
Love her or “not like” her, Apple is releasing many enhancements to Siri to make her more helpful in iOS 10. First, it will be much easier to give Siri natural voice commands because it will be learning your speech patterns by listening in the background to your conversations.


As interactions with the voice assistant get more reliable, Siri can become a dependable resource when researching where to go and what to do nearby – especially while you’re in the car. iOS 10 will make good use of what Siri overhears by anticipating your intentions. Siri and other parts of iOS will know better what you might mean, prepping dates, locations, and other details to put into action.

Speaking of taking action, iOS 10 will open Siri to other developers for intent-based actions in other apps, so you can use the voice assistant to directly hail a ride to an address or order food from a restaurant through third-party apps.

5. Apple Pay Will Reduce Payment Friction Online – and Offline
For any business that supports online payment, such as ordering ahead for a pick-up or a delivery, the new Apple Pay can make the checkout process a lot faster and easier.

Apple Pay is a one-step secure payment mechanism with fingerprint authentication. You can let your customers bypass account creation or filling a shopping cart, and instead offer a single button for immediate checkout, right from any web page.

This is a big deal for businesses that sell online for pickup or delivery, now you can offer your customers even more convenience by removing time and friction at the payment step.

iOS 10 comes out on September 13th. To take advantage of these changes right away and make iPhone customers your best customers, you need to act fast. Update your listings in maps – it’s critical. If you have more than 50 locations, use a partner like MomentFeed, an approved Apple Maps data partner – to get this done fast.

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