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The 3 Things You Must Do NOW for Holiday Sales Success

Holiday Sales Success

Published August 8th, 2019

If You Don’t Have Your Mobile-Local Search Platform Ready NOW, You’ll Lose Valuable Holiday Shoppers

Smart retailers and restaurants already have their Proximity Search Optimization plans in place for the holiday season. 

Naughty or NICE


They know that brick-and-mortar accounts for 88 percent of holiday purchases. And they know that if consumers can’t easily find their locations, those retailers and restaurants will lose that share of spend.


If your business has multiple locations, you plan months ahead for holiday inventory, staffing, brand advertising, and marketing.

But do you have a plan for driving consumers to the nearest location when they’re ready to buy?

You only have about 15 days before you may be missing out on that ONE key consumer insight and action for 2019 that will result in people spending important holiday dollars with your competitors. It’s all about Proximity Search Optimization.``

And you simply can’t wait for the last minute to invest in it.


Imagine this.

What Will They Do?

Chances are, they’ll pick up a phone or tablet to search for that perfect location that they can travel to in minutes. 

Local Search is up 500 Percent Over the Past Two Years.

And whether or not holiday shoppers and diners find YOUR location is totally dependent on the steps that you take NOW to perfect your local online presence and reputation.

Every year, more consumers are using their mobile devices to find stores, retail businesses, and restaurants that are near them, open at the right hours, highly rated by others, and sell exactly what they want. 

Here Are 3 Things You Need to Do IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Put yourself in a consumer’s head and go through any one of the search exercises we outlined above. What do you find?
  2. Think carefully about what will be sold in each location over the holidays — and what customers will be looking for.
  3. Make sure you have a Proximity Search Optimization strategy in place. It’s NOT the same as SEO and SEM. You need to make sure every location page is accurate, comprehensive, and easily found. And we can help you do that!

If you start TODAY you’ll be able to improve your Proximity Search Optimization — so shoppers can find YOUR locations when they’re ready to buy or eat. Even if you have a great SEO and SEM strategy, it won’t necessarily get you into that coveted Google 3-Pack or first page — where customers will see your locations first and fast.

More than 50% of shoppers wait until the last minute to buy. 

And 90% of shoppers buy at least one thing with hours to spare.

Your locations need to be found before Black Friday and throughout the holiday season.

You need to act NOW to reach both the advanced planner and the last-minute shoppers (who will be using their mobile devices more than ever to shop at YOUR locations).

Our Holiday Gift to You

If you contact us any time during August, we’ll schedule a personalized consultation with one of our holiday planning consultants. They can even show you the incremental financial opportunity that comes from improving your find-ability.

MomentFeed has close to 10 years’ experience in retail, restaurant, and service industries and will work closely with you — like Santa’s Elves — to help ensure those last-minute shoppers (as well as those who plan ahead) can find that carefully-planned inventory and holiday specials.

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