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Score BIG This Football Season

Score Big This Football Season

How Mobile Local Search Can Help You Score a Touchdown This Football Season

Published: July 18, 2019

In just a few short weeks, football season begins and you’ll start seeing helmets on fields in addition to baseball caps.

From tailgates to in-restaurant watch parties to chips and dips in front of the big screen, football season is a huge sales opportunity for your restaurant, convenience store, or other food-related business.

Your goal needs to be reaching today's mobile consumer at the exact moment he or she is ready to shop -- when they're looking for game day snacks and beer or the perfect tailgate and fan gear.

Stadium Fans


million football fans tune in or show up in stadiums -- and most of them tailgating!

College football fandom is on the upswing and 184 million people watch professional football.

But will these people find YOUR location when they’re pre-gaming? Your local restaurant marketing strategy or local retail approach can make all the difference.

Find out how and why you can end up dancing in the end zone this season – intercept these facts and plays before your competitors do! Download our free guide to tackling football season.

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