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DoubleDutch: Check-in Apps for Everyone


The marketplace for check-in apps i.e. ways to network and engage locally will become much more fragmented when brands, universities, and small publishers discover DoubleDutch.

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The dynamics of location-based services and social networking present an entirely new set of challenges for entrepreneurs and marketers. On the one hand, having scale at the national level means 100 million users or more. On the other hand, scale can be reached locally with just tens of thousands (and a focused marketing effort). These are the economics (and physics) of LBS. It’s also the business case for DoubleDutch.

DoubleDutch is a mobile LBS platform based on a highly customizable check-in application. It essentially enables anyone to efficiently build their own Foursquare, Gowalla, or SCVNGR app. You can design the skin (branding) however you’d like and choose from an extensive list of features ranging from a basic checkin to a closed social network and gaming mechanics. The package includes a web-based analytics tool to track usage.

DoubleDutch clients include large events, universities, and brands. We see local and regional publishers as ideal candidates, as well. Any case when you have a relatively small target audience for whom utility is realized at early stages of adoption. For a local paper, it’s providing relevant content while users become accustomed to the new features and behaviors of location-based-engagement (LBE).

What this means for large brands is that consumers will have many more ways to engage with their locations and products, often in closed environments such as a DoubleDutch-powered university app. Location-based engagements will be dispersed across potentially hundreds of apps. For consumers, the appeal of a niche LBS app like this could be that it’s highly localized and relevant, much like reading one’s small-town newspaper. It could appeal to a vertical or niche interest like sports or cycling. Or it could be both in the case of a university the size of Arizona State.

The DoubleDutch solution is among the services we offer clients. As a branded app, it can become the central component of a broader location-based marketing strategy. Clients may also reach across all DoubleDutch-powered apps by working directly with the companies or entities that administrate them.

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