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Built In Los Angeles Interview with Carey Bettencourt, CCO at MomentFeed

Carey Bettencourt and group of people smiling

Successful Leadership Comes from Transparency and Authenticity

At MomentFeed, we are proud to promote an inclusive, diverse, and transparent work environment. That’s why we’re excited that Carey Bettencourt, our Chief Client Officer was recognized by Built In Los Angeles as a strong female leader in an industry known to lack diversity. Carey was recently interviewed alongside four other LA-based female tech leaders on their leadership styles, challenges they’ve faced, and what advice they’d give to other women interested in rising up the ladder. Check out her conversation with Built In Los Angeles and learn more about her approach to leadership, why inclusiveness is such a big deal for MomentFeed, and why confidence is key to become a strong leader.

After 25 years of experience in the software and consulting industries, Carey Bettencourt knows the importance of transparency in the workplace. As MomentFeed’s Chief Client Officer and Chief Revenue Officer, Bettencourt’s responsibilities are numerous and diverse, which is why she places a premium on crystal-clear communication — in both directions.

How would you describe your approach to leadership?

People appreciate transparency and authenticity in their leaders. I am very direct so my team knows what I expect and how they are doing. I also enable them to make their own decisions while keeping my eye on the end game, from a business perspective. If people want to grow, they will take all feedback if it’s delivered from a place of authenticity and clarity.

What is MomentFeed doing to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace?

We hire the right people for the right jobs. That is the right thing to do for the company, for clients and for the person. For us, diversity is baked into our talent pool. We have offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin, all diverse cities with great talent. We look for people who have heart, desire and the ability to do the work, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation or age. Inclusiveness is part of our culture; if you are here, you are MomentFeed.

What advice would you offer other women on the rise to leadership roles within the tech sector?

First, ask yourself, ‘What is it that I want to do?’ Be sure that in your heart, you want to be a leader. It’s easy to become infatuated with the idea of being in management, but managing others is not easy, and it’s definitely not for everyone. Once you decide leadership is for you, be purposeful in your career roadmap. Pursue the right positions and roles that prepare you to lead.

Most importantly, be confident, and throw your hat into the ring. Women are sometimes too self-critical. We think we’re not ready for a role because we haven’t had a lot of experience in one element. Men are less likely to question themselves this way; they just go for it. So much of successful leadership comes from confidence. Project it and trust your instincts. Also, don’t let what other people think or say distract you from what you want. Women, like men, can pursue all their ambitions. Strong women find a way to make it work.

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