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Twitter Places API Gains New Data Partners
Twitter has just expanded and enhanced the location layer of its API. The changes will make it easier for developers to interface with various datasets and offer better location-based experiences within their apps. When Twitter Places launched back in June, it was clear that with the right implementations, the implications of a geo-aware Twitter could be vast.

About Twitter Places

Profile: Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows consumers to post updates in 140 characters or less. The primary utility for consumers is the simple ability to briefly capture and share moments with one another. Twitter Places lets consumers provide geographical context to their Tweets by linking content and updates to their current location. Generally, these tweets are simple social check-ins that represent shallow location engagements, where the location itself may or may not be relevant. However, consumers may engage locations on a deeper level by posting photos, tweeting specific location details (sales, daily specials, etc.), or by encouraging friends to visit the location.

Promotional Mechanisms: Twitter has emerged as an important channel for direct communication between brands and consumers.  A business can use Twitter to collect feedback on products or services, respond to customer complaints, and announce new products or promotions. This content is broadcast to consumers who have already demonstrated an existing connection to the brand through the simple act of following their Twitter feed. Twitter Places provides the additional capability of monitoring user engagement with specific physical locations such as stores and public venues. By monitoring location-specific tweets, businesses can identify trends in how users are engaging specific locations and use that data to adjust marketing and promotional strategies. By correlating actual sales data with location-specific twitter activity, Twitter Places may allow companies to better measure the true ROI of social network and LBS promotions.

One of the key advantages of Twitter from a marketing perspective is the ability to rapidly deploy and forward relevant information to loyal customers and the ease at which this information can be “retweeted” to consumers outside of a brand’s network of followers. This capability provides opportunities for viral promotions that reach large numbers of customers in a rapid and cost effective manner. This can be especially effective for promotional campaigns designed to quickly mobilize consumers to act at a particular time or location. For example, a business could offer a discount or freebie to consumers who visit a location within 24 hours of the initial Tweet.

In addition to incentivizing existing customers to act, the ability to rapidly spread the message through retweeting creates the opportunity to reach new customers outside of the existing loyal base and encourages new customers to follow the brand on Twitter. Twitter Places can then be used to monitor how customers are responding to these promotions at specific locations. While Twitter has emerged as an incredibly popular social networking platform, the extraordinary amount of content and the variety of ways people use the platform can make it difficult to sift for relevance.

Number of Users: 175 million registered users (October, 2010)
Availability: Worldwide
Mobile Platforms:iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Web

Author: Derek Browers