About Shopkick

Profile: Shopkick is a location based application that rewards consumers with virtual “kickbucks” for visiting certain retail stores. It is the first location based application that rewards users for simply walking into a store. No manual check-in is required. Another advantage of the Shopkick platform is that check-in data is not shared with friends or other consumers. Such solo check-ins may alleviate the privacy concerns of consumers reluctant to engage in location based services. Consumers can redeem their Shopkick kickbucks for cash-back rewards, Facebook credits, iTunes gift cards, or other promotional rewards at any of the platform’s partner stores. Kickbucks can also be donated to a variety of charitable causes. The value proposition for consumers is the ability to privately collect rewards and incentives for shopping at specific stores. Since the end-location matters with Shopkick, check-ins on this platform represent deeper location based engagements than simple social check-ins.

Mobile Platforms: iPhone

Author: Derek Browers